Toolkit Overview

Even the simplest of tools can empower people to do great things - Biz Stone
Dustin Good
So excited you’re interested in planning a Block Party!
We’ve created some tools to help you out:
The document provides basic directions and templates for tracking your costs and revenues (as well as some ideas on what other neighborhoods do to generate revenue).
The contains reminders of what tasks needs to get done, by when. It’s got all the to-do lists, the to send out collaborative documents and timely reminders, and for after your Block Party.
The is for the operational ‘let’s get it done’ tools for the Clean Up - e.g. has your sign up and notifications, and there is also a , and for after your Clean Up.
Check out the for some ideas and tips from other Block Party Organizers.
Use the to borrow materials for your party.
Reference the for the rules and regulations for your party.
Apply to join our - open to both experienced planners who can mentor, newer planners who are looking for advice, and potential planners who want a bit more exposure before deciding whether to organize a block party. Block Party Coalition members are based all over the USA (and some are even abroad).
Spread the word about block parties by sharing this !

If you like what we’re doing here, we suggest the following steps to set up your own Block Party Toolkit:
Sign up for a free account on (a third-party document creation software, similar to Google Drive/Docs or Notion, but more powerful for the purposes of Block Party planning)
Email so we can support you with adopting your toolkit to your account (e.g. small things like changing which email or phone number send the messages), as well as offering any support - whether technical, ideas, problem-solving, neighborhood engagement, etc! (Please note: all support is free! We’re volunteers who want to see more Block Parties.)
Click ‘copy template’ for your own version of this Toolkit. That way, you can edit and customize anything to your liking and easily share pages with the rest of your block.

Also, please remember you can see other Toolkits and Events at the page.

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