Everything You Need to Know About Labelling Machines and Their Types

Labels are the first things that get your attention when you inspect the shelves of various shops to get your desired products. You will find relevant information like the product’s manufacture date, the ingredients, company name, etc., on the label. Moreover, a bright and attractive label will catch your attention better compared to dull ones with irrelevant information or no visual appeal. If you own a company and sell products and services, you understand that visual appeal is significant in grabbing the attention of the customers. It is where labelling machines come in handy because they are your go-to solution for product packaging before delivery.
Significance of labelling machines
A high-quality labelling machine will make the product labels look attractive, concise, and catchy to the customers. The equipment is beneficial in the industrial world as it uses superior technology to label products and saves money and time. The help print labels on finished products, bottles, containers, ampoules, vials, and other packaging materials. Manual labelling is a time-consuming task and is not among the professional ways to pack products. So, if your company is engaged in bulk production, the best way to print labels professionally is by using a labelling machine.
Labelling machines and associated industries
Various industries like pharmaceuticals, FMCG, food and beverages, electronics, cosmetics, chemicals, etc., use labelling machines to print labels on their products. The equipment have fully advanced and automatic features to make the packaging jobs easy, hygienic, professional, and clean. A labelling machine gets the work done in a limited time frame and with high-quality assistance. It also allows you to pick the label ranges and letters to customize them for your company’s operations.
Types of labelling machines
You will find multiple labelling machines in the market. However, you may get baffled when you want to decide the best one among the equipment. Here is a breakdown of the best quality labelling machines and their specific features.
E-11 Series
An E-11 series is a wraparound machine used to label cylindrical, square, and hexagonal containers. It enables wrapping up to 3000 packages in an hour. The series is the best choice for jar and bottle labelling.
E-40 Series
An E-40 series deals with rear and front side labelling services. It labels oval, ellipse, square, and rectangle-shaped packages. The machine has a wrapping capacity of up to 5000 packages per hour.
E-50 Series
An E-50 series is a side and top labelling machine used for canisters and buckets. Its capacity is up to 3000 packages per hour.
DWR Round Series
The DWR is a semi-automatic labelling machine for applying labels to cylindrical-shaped products. Its label width is 200 mm, and the equipment has an unwind unit that accepts reels with 300 mm diameter.
If you are looking for , you can select from the wide range of labelling machines available at Optima. The company is a reliable solution provider of wraparound, top, bottom, one side, and two side machines. It deals with machines and accessories for any product or packaging type according to the requirements of a company.
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