Control Your Product Quality with the best Food X-Ray Machines

Food in our lives forms an essential component. Without food, we would not survive for a very long time. Owning a business in the food processing and packaging industry, brings with it a considerable amount of responsibility that you must take. Controlling the quality of your food processing and packaging is essential to keep your consumers safe. That’s why we suggest you get the best machines for packaging and inspection. This will help you enhance your process and deliver high-quality products to end consumers. It makes your business stand out and earns you a good name!
What is a food packaging machine?
A food packaging machine uses an automatic process to package food elements. However, food packaging machines differ in their types. If you are into the business of liquid products, then you should get a good liquid packaging machine from a leading manufacturer in Melbourne. These automated machines bring speed and efficiency into your production process. You can use such a machine to package a plethora of products, like chocolate spread, peanut butter, hazelnut hash, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, etc. One of the most common machines for packaging food is the net weight liquid filler.
The features of this machine include:
● The stainless steel build with four wheels for extra mobility
● A scale weigher that can weigh up to 10 kg
● A frequency inverter for altering the up speed on the volumetric pump that has a rubber impeller and can handle a capacity of 4500 litres per hour
● A PLC panel with 99 memory slots including 10 for the default main use slots
● Adjustable filling head with hand wheels and a LENTO function
● 120-degree sanifaction capacity and an n°2 different size for filling heads
● A no-drop pneumatic head for cod.9906 with a minimum pressure of 6 BAR
Thus, these machines are just what you need to speed up your production process.
The Food X-Ray Machine
Ensuring quality in your products is essential. That’s why you should get a Machine X-ray for food inspection along with your packaging machine. These machines can help you detect contaminants like PVC, ceramic, stones, bones, Teflon, glass, rubber, fibreglass, Non-ferrous and non-magnetic steel metal contaminants, packaging defects like deformations and cracks, completeness, and the presence of necessary elements like surprises inside food packaging. The most technologically advanced machines use a touchscreen operator panel with a cutting-edge user interface. It makes these machines user-friendly and intuitive to use. Additionally, your maintenance costs go down as they do not require much maintenance.
Thus, we suggest you check out the best manufacturers providing these products in Melbourne. is a reputed manufacturer of industrial automation equipment in the country. You can get yourself premium and from the firm. The products offered by the firm are industry grade and made with the best materials available. Get yourself cutting-edge automation equipment and speed up your production process. Upscale your business and assure quality while doing so.

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