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Couch - usually the simplest way to travel in the train
First Class - the most exclusive travel compartment in the train
Departure - when the train leaves
Sleeper Car - a car that has compartments for sleeping
Dinning Car - a train car that is a restaurant
Platform - where you enter the train
Board - entering a train
Rail Pass - a ticket that is good for a specific amount of time or destinations
Timetable - the schedule of arriving and departing trains
Compartment - usually a little room on the train that can be converted for sleeping
Train Car - the passages & cargo unit of the train is called a car; each unit can be used for a different fiction such as sleeping, dinning, cargo etc.
Auto Train - a train that has an option to transport your car & you on the same train
Connection - when you have to change on trains to get to your destination
Booking - Reservation -
Express Train - a train that stops only a main stations
Local Train - a train that stops at every station
Luggage Rack - the place the holds bags, suitcases
Checked Luggage - when you put luggage in the storage department of the train during travel
Conductor - the person that checks the tickets
Kiosk - Snack Bar Car - a car in the train that sells snacks, hot & cold drinks
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