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Party Idioms

The life and soul of the party = the person who's at the center of all parties! ...
Let your hair down = forget all your inhibitions. ...
Have a whale of a time = have a great time. ...
Paint the town red = have a wild time. ...
A party animal = a person who loves going to parties.


After party: A party after an event such as a concert or theatre performance. (noun)
All-nighter: An activity that goes the whole night, especially a party. (noun)
Attend: To go to an event or party. (verb)
Baby shower: A party for a woman who is expecting a baby, at which party guests give presents for the baby. (noun)
Bachelor party: A party that a man has with his male friends on the night before his wedding (American English) (same as stag night). (noun)
Balloon: An object made of thin rubber and filled with air, usually used as decoration for parties. (noun)
Banner: A long piece of material with a message written on it. (noun)
Bash: A party or celebration. (noun)
Barbecue party: An outdoor party where people cook and eat barbecued food. (noun)
Birthday party: A party held to celebrate the anniversary of your birth. (noun)
Booze-up: A party where people can usually drink a lot of alcohol. (noun)
Bouquet: An arrangement of flowers wrapped in paper. (noun)
Bridal shower: A party for a woman who is going to get married, at which she gets presents from the guests. (noun)
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