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Intermediate Vocabulary for the week 2
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(to) clear up - (phrasal verb) to clean and tidy, i.e.
We must clear up the living room before my parents arrive.
from time to time - occasionally, i.e.
From time to time he visits us, but not often.
hang on - (colloquial) wait a minute, i.e. - Come and help me clear up the kitchen, it's in a terrible mess. - Hang on, I'm just sending an email.
I'm pressed for time - I have little time; I'm late, i.e. - Can you make me a coffee, please? - Not right now, I'm really pressed for time. My taxi will be here soon and I'm not ready.
I must dash - (colloquial) I must hurry, i.e. Oh, is that the time? I must dash or I'll be late for work.
Where are you off to? - (Informal) Where are you going?
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