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Intermediate Vocabulary for the week 2
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a best friend: (often used by children) to describe the person they are closest to. A 'best friend' is usually your best friend for life
a close friend: a good friend
a pal: (informal): a friend
a mate: (informal): a friend
a girlfriend: a girl or woman who is your platonic friend or a girl or woman you have a romantic or sexual relationship with
a boyfriend: a boy or man you have a romantic or sexual relationship with
an acquaintance: person who isn't a friend but someone you know a little
a companion: (an old-fashioned reference) to someone who is paid to live with or look after someone else

Idioms about friendship:

a shoulder to cry on: someone who listens to your problems
It's always good to talk to Hilary, she's so sympathetic. She's a real shoulder to cry on
see eye to eye: to agree with someone
(usually used in the negative) They don't always see eye to eye on politics but they're still great friends
no love lost: disagree with someone
They used to be best friends but they had a huge fight about money. Now there's no love lost between them
hate someone's guts: to very strongly dislike someone They fell out and now she hates his guts
clear the air: two people talk about a problem they have been avoiding discussing
I hated the way he kept borrowing things without asking me but we had a chat about it and cleared the air so now he knows to check with me first
bury the hatchet: to stop fighting or quarrelling
After years of arguing about politics with my dad, we finally decided to bury the hatchet band stopped trying to change other's opinions
patch up our differences: to settle an argument
I used to fight a lot with my sister. My mum would always make us apologise and patch up our differences so that we would be friends again
through thick and thin: people who have had some good times and difficult times together
They've been friends for 20 years. They've had a lot of fun over the years but he was unemployed after university and she was very ill for a long time recently. They've really been through thick and thin together
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