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Advanced Love vocabulary
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The art of flirting

Ladies’ Man
Ladies’ man is an affectionate term for a man who likes spending time with women and thinks he is attractive to them.
Gallant is the least common word on this list, although it is widely understood. Gallant is a literary or old-fashioned term, so when we use it today, it’s usually in humorous contexts. If you call someone a gallant, you should have a smile in your eyes when you say it.
Old Goat
Whereas we think affectionately about the ladies’ man and admire the gallant, this term for a flirt is often an insult, although not a very strong one. In fact, it has a somewhat humorous tone.
The first three words for flirts all referred to men. These last two refer only to women.
A vamp is a seductive woman who uses her charm and her sex appeal to exploit men. Whereas the coquette simply likes the act of flirting, the vamp uses her womanly wiles to get what she wants. And although seductive women come in all shapes and sizes, a vamp is also often a bombshell in terms of her physique.

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