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Clear Sample Candidate Data
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Adding your jobs: The first order of business! Add job requisitions along with the hiring managers and interviewers involved.
Adding recruiting cycle statuses: Depending on your recruiting process, add recruiting cycle statuses to fit your needs.
Adding a candidate: Click the “Add a Candidate” button to input candidate information
Requesting feedback (recruiter): First, ensure the status is correct for the candidate you are requesting feedback on. Then, click the “Request Feedback” button. A message will be sent from your Slack account to the individual from whom you need to collect feedback.
Providing feedback (hiring managers, interviewers): Click the “Provide Candidate Feedback” button to access the feedback form. Use the drop-down menu to select the correct candidate, and follow the prompts.
Special Statuses: When the status of a candidate is set to “Out,” they are moved from the Master Tracker into the Candidate Archive. When the status of a candidate is set to “Hired,” they are moved from the Master Tracker into the Candidate Archive.

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