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The Life Strategy Center

When Life Development Meets Strategic Management
The Life Strategy Center is established by who is the founder of .
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The Life Strategy Center is guided by the Knowledge Curation approach. We are curating various theoretical resources to build new theoretical frameworks and applying these frameworks to develop new concepts, tools, programs, and environments.
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We are currently working on developing the Anticipatory Activity System (AAS) framework and using it to develop a toolkit for Life Strategy Activity. We also work on developing tools for Life Discovery Activity, Life Curation Activity, etc.

The Framework

The Anticipatory Activity System (AAS) framework is an abstract model which is inspired by Activity Theory, Anticipatory System theory, Relevance Theory, and other theoretical resources. It aims to developed an intermediate framework for understanding the complex of “Self, Other, Present, Future”. For example, Life Discovery Activity.
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For discussing Life Strategy Activity, the AAS framework defines the following modules:
First-order Activity: Developmental Project
Second-order Activity: Life Discovery Project
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The Toolkit

Based on the Anticipatory Activity System (AAS) framework, we developed a serials of modules which form a tool kit for Life Strategy Activity.
iART Framework
The “Anticipation - Performance” Complexity
A Typology of Relevance
Developmental Project Model
Modeling Projects
Life Discovery Model
The Opportunity Formula
The Achievement Chain
The Persona Dynamics Framework
We also work on Life Discovery Toolkit and Life Curation Toolkit.
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The Canvas

The Life Discovery Canvas is designed for Life Discovery Activity. It Can be used for Self-reflection or coaching programs.
The Life Discovery Canvas is guided by the Project Engagement approach which is inspired by Activity Theory, especially Project-oriented Activity Theory.
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The Program

In the past several month, we adopted the Anticipatory Activity System (AAS) framework and used the toolkit to develop called AAS4LT.

The Book

A Possible Book for Knowledge Creators
5 parts
29 chapters
60 articles
Total 845 min read
Total 223,925 words (about 448 single-spaced pages)
Short introduction (5 min read):


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