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Airkit's Bug / UX Bash Template

How to use this doc

Run your software bug bash using this template.

❗️Copy this doc! This is only a template.
Schedule a time on the calendar
and invite fellow coworkers to help try out the feature for 15-30 minutes and report any bugs. Try making this an open invite; in the past, app builders (e.g. from the DA and SA team) have been eager to help out. The person who reports the most bugs at the end of the bug bash gets a shoutout from the team for helping out!
Fill out the main
page with instructions and known issues
. Also delete the example bugs and update
as needed

Running the Bug Bash
Start by thanking participants for their time and presenting your screen. Go over the
section and call out what you want to test and any known issues.
Once the bug bash starts, volunteers report bugs using the
page. Folks can also see what others have reported using
When the bug bash is complete, determine by best participant by looking at
Give them a shout-out on Slack!
After bug bash, head over to the
section, and go through each issue one by one:
Drag it into the appropriate priority bucket. At Coda, we use priority levels P0 through P3. P0 is a launch-blocking bug that needs to be addressed ASAP, while P3 is a low-priority issue that is best-effort and should be addressed at some point, with P1 and P2 falling somewhere in the middle
Update the type as needed, for instance if an issue is a duplicate or by design
Assign the issue to whoever will work on it
Use the
to track the issues as they are fixed. Alternatively, recreate these issues in Jira!

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