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Traffic Puzzle - March 2022

Content Brief

Traffic Puzzle in short
Traffic Puzzle is a free to play mobile game where Cars, Match-3 and Puzzles meet.
Backstory: An evil force has made a massive mess on the streets, and there’s only one person who can clear them—you!
You must take your Match 3 puzzle solving skills to the next level and combine them with your quick thinking to save the city!
Traffic Puzzle features adorable characters and challenging puzzles: prepare to pick up you brain to remove cars and obstacles from the levels in the most efficient way!

Please cover all of the requirements mentioned in Talking Points, Call to action, and Video description, Pinned comment and QR code. They are mandatory for the content to be approved.

Talking points
Traffic Puzzle introduction:
Introduce and describe the game to your viewers in your own words.
Tips: You can use either footage you have recorded yourself or the assets linked below in the Materials section. Remember to have the game logo on the screen at the beginning of the integration!
What makes Traffic Puzzle a great game:
Pick some points from the list below to tell your audience why Traffic Puzzle is a great match-3 puzzle game from your point of view.
Traffic Puzzle lets you to:
Clear the roads by matching three cars of the same color
Assist the police, fire trucks and ambulances get to their destinations
Help helicopters and trains to get through a block
Make the city more beautiful by planting grass
Ensure people aren’t late for work by freeing up the trams
Traffic Puzzle allows you to:
Enjoy an ever-growing collection of unique levels!
Explore a wonderful cartoonish world with a fun storyline!
Kick back and relax while solving match 3 block puzzles by clearing cars!
Play by yourself or with your kids!
Train your brain!
Compete against other players in the leaderboards!
Traffic Puzzle offers you:
New frequent events with different fresh gameplay mechanics: from removing tires from the streets, to clearing airfield from the cars left unattended. You will never get bored playing Traffic Puzzle!
Note: You must record and use some footage of yourself playing the game while talking/going through these talking points above. Additionally, you can use the video assets from the brand in the Materials section below.

Call to action
In call to action at the end of the integration, you should encourage your audience to click your personal tracking link and try out Traffic Puzzle!
You can be creative and personalize this part in whichever way you think would be exciting and clear to your audience.

Video description, pinned comment and QR code
Place your personal tracking link both to the description and pinned comment like this: "🚗🚋Download Traffic Puzzle for free (iOS/Android): [PERSONAL TRACKING LINK] 🚒🚃🚓" You can adjust the wording but you must include the tracking link. The tracking link must be placed in the first lines of the video description.
You can find your personal tracking link from Matchmade platform under "Install Page Link." It looks like this: "". Please contact us if your tracking link is not working.
Show your QR code at the end of the integration. The QR code will be generated and shared with you once the deal has been formed. The QR code takes your audience to the same destination as your personal tracking link.

Tips: was used in many sponsored videos that performed very well!

Good integration examples
If you are looking for inspiration on how to structure and record your integration, take a look a these integrations below! You can follow the same approach they took!

Square One Cosplay
Smooth transition from video to integration, personlizes the integration by relating the game to their character in the video
Uses both a and personal game play recording

Naomi and Jack
Good transition from video to integration
Shows the creator playing the game while displaying the gameplay footage nicely at the same time
Snow Dogs Vlogs
Creativity and personalization: one of the talking points “kick back and relax” is combined well with the very relaxing footage of their dog resting
Good use of gameplay footage
QR code well displayed, strong call to action

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