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Express Campaign - One Military Camp Whislist

Express Campaign - One Military Camp Whislist

What is an Express Campaign?
Matchmade Express campaigns are fast. The required integration is only 30 seconds long, and you can publish the video as soon as your content is approved. Therefore, please do NOT accept the deal if you cannot make the content and post the video within the next seven (7) days. With that said, if you miss this deal, fear not; there will be more deals in the future! :)

Please follow these steps:
Check out the game One Military Camp on .
Start working on your integration. Remember to use relevant footage for each talking point!
Once done, submit the draft of the integration to us via the . Note that you only need to send us the integration part, NOT the complete video draft.
Wait for us to approve the integration.
Publish your final video with the approved integration in it!
Campaign details
Deliverable: 30-second long integration within your regular content
Placement: The integration must be placed in the first 25% of your video, but not at the very beginning
Publishing date: As soon as we have approved the content!
You must cover all of the talking points and add a Call To Action in the integration.
One Military Camp must be the only sponsor in the video.

Talking points
Game Introduction: Looking for a city builder challenge with a strong personality? Then, One Military Camp is for you!
Game features: Complete missions all over the map to gain more experience and resources to take advantage of your rivals.
Goal: Manage your own camp, train soldiers from 0 to hero and win the war.

Call to action
The goal is to get your audience to click on your personal link and add the game to their Steam wishlists.

Mention this call to action at the end of your integration: "One Military Camp is looking for new sergeants ready for action, are you ready to join? Add the game to your wishlist now on steam!”

Video description
Place your personal tracking link to the first line of your video description.

Example: "Join our troops, add the game to your wishlist now on steam! + [YOUR PERSONAL TRACKING LINK].”

You can find your personal tracking link from your campaign page on MatchMade platform, by clicking on “Install Page Link”. It should look like this: ”“.
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