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Work From Home Checklist For Employees To Increase Performance

Want to improve your productivity while working from home? Check out this checklist and boost your performance.
Considering the growing health concerns surrounding the Covid 19, many organizations are still adept at the work from home route. While working from home has many advantages of its own, it is a novel concept for a lot of us.
But fret not! If you are frying your brain wondering what essentials you should invest in to set up a comfortable work from home office for yourself, you have landed at the right place.
We have compiled a checklist of items necessary for all employees to ensure a .

1. Office Desk

An office desk plays a huge role in enhancing your work from home experience. In most cases, the furniture we have at home is not made for work purposes. A good sturdy desk will offer you a designated space to work every day. Choose from our range of various office desks to suit your needs.
Therefore it is important to choose products ranging from simple work desks to ergonomic, adjustable, and portable tables.

2. Ergonomic Chair

This one is undoubtedly a no-brainer. A good chair is a worthy investment for a home office. No matter the profession, if you are someone who sits for an extended period of time, you have to invest in a good office chair.
There are a number of health issues that can crop up when you use furniture that doesn't support your posture and physical well-being. For instance, you are likely to develop unpleasant back pain, suffer from cramps, have soreness, etc. You might even feel burned out quicker than usual due to prolonged hours of discomfort. Chairs not suitable for an office will result in bad posture, ultimately leading to back pain and neck issues.
For the above mentioned reasons and more, it is best to invest in a quality office desk that is best suited for your body stats.
Save yourself from the plight of bad health and choose from our premium range of .

3. Laptop Stand

If you work more on laptops and prefer to move around while working, a laptop table is a perfect work from home accessory for you. The upside of working with a laptop table is that they are compact and portable. They can be assembled with no fuss and are perfect even for travelling.

4. Wifi Router

A stable internet connection is inarguably the most important thing you need while working from home. Having a designated office space with no proper WiFi will get you nowhere, right?
Well… we've got the solution for that dilemma too.
Select from our wide range of routers and cables to get high speed and stable internet every time. There are many eCommerce brands in India that offer products including but not limited to, Wireless routers, wireless USB adapters, router ups, range extenders, mobile wifi data cards, and much more.

5. Monitor

If you are looking to enhance your work from home space, an external monitor is the best tech you can get. There are a million varieties of external monitors available in the market. It can get confusing real quick.
If you are looking for a simple and capable monitor to meet your needs, or if you are inclined to splurge a bit.

6. External Keyboards

If you are using a standard PC in your work from home office, an external keyboard is a necessity. Even if you are working out of a laptop, investing in an external keyboard will do you good. This will help you adjust the keyboard's position and height while you are working, which will take considerable stress off of your wrists.

7. Webcam

The work from the home era has transformed the way we work, and naturally, it also has affected how meetings are conducted. Though we do not meet our colleagues and bosses daily like we used to earlier, some form of collaboration is necessary.
Almost all meetings are now conducted online through Zoom calls, Google Meets, and such. Hence, the need for a good quality webcam is obvious. Even if your system has a built-in webcam, it might be good to invest in a good quality external one to make the virtual meeting efficient and smooth.

The Bottom Line

Listed above are some of the items you should invest in to make your work from home experience as enjoyable as possible. Keep this checklist handy if you are planning to set up your work from home office space.
These items, a stable internet connection, and the right attitude are all you need to ace this challenge of remote working.

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