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Digital Strategy - Tonic Brief

High Priority - Auto UX/Conversion Review and Mobile Optimization


1. Evaluate and enhance the website's auto user experience and conversion processes based on insights from heatmaps and session recordings by the MS Clarity platform. Implement a mobile-centric design to align with our target customer’s preference for efficient and convenient mobile interactions.
Focus on priority pages driving most traffic so to improve Click-Through Rate (CTR) conversion
Streamline Mobile-First online booking
Data Collection with MS Clarity
Utilize MS Clarity to collect heatmaps and recordings of user interactions specifically on mobile devices, focusing on iOS users
Identify Pain Points: Look for patterns, drop-off points, and instances of hesitation, considering their unique preferences and behaviors
Review User Behavior Identify any repetitive actions, confusion points, or moments of uncertainty during the mobile booking journey
Assess Mobile Page Load Speed Identify and address elements causing delays, optimizing for a fast and responsive mobile experience
Mobile Responsiveness Evaluate the mobile responsiveness of the online booking process, addressing any specific challenges might encounter
Discuss design improvements, layout adjustments, and mobile interface enhancements
Implement Mobile A/B Testing monitor and compare user interactions on the original and modified mobile versions of the online booking process.
Document Learnings and KPIs Document insights, improvements, and learnings throughout the mobile optimization process. Establish KPIs such as increased conversion rates, reduced bounce rates, and improved completion times.
Enhance the mobile user experience on Navigation, Service Offerings pages
Mobile-First Redesign redesign the website with a mobile-first approach, ensuring that the layout is intuitive and user-friendly for those using iOS devices. Prioritize essential information about chip repairs for easy access.
Simplified Navigation Streamline the navigation structure, simplifying menus and categorizations. Implement clear and concise labels for chip repair-related sections to guide users like Ian effectively
CTA Optimization Optimize calls-to-action (CTAs) related to chip repairs, ensuring that they are prominently placed and easily accessible. Use language that encourages users to explore further or take action.
Accessibility Considerations Ensure the design is accessible to users with varying levels of technological proficiency.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):
Decrease in Bounce Rates on Chip Repair Pages
Increase in Average Time Spent on Chip Repair Pages
Positive Feedback from Usability Testing
Service Centers
Overview of all service center locations.
Interactive map feature for quick access.
Mobile Service Units
Information on units offering on-the-go services.
Schedules and locations.
Customer Testimonials across service pages
Featured Testimonials
Highlighted testimonials with visuals.
Rotating or dynamic display for variety.
Checking the integration with Qualtrics (Yotpo is the current platform we are using)
Contact Us
Contact Information
Clear display of contact details.
Buttons for phone, email, and social media.
Online Inquiry Form
User-friendly form for inquiries.
Quick response commitment.
2. Develop and implement an A/B testing strategy to continuously optimize the website's elements, including CTAs, layout, and content. The focus is on identifying changes that resonate with our targeted customer persona’s preferences and contribute to improved user engagement and conversions.
Identified A/B testing elements and hypotheses.
Implemented A/B tests and data collection.
Develop continuous testing procedures and ongoing optimization process.
Regular reports on A/B testing impact and optimizations with the goals to improving the overall CTR conversion on the website.

Key Insights:
Gender Distribution: Balanced with 51% male and 48.6% female users.
Device Usage: Dominated by mobile at 63%, desktop at 33.7%.
Operating System/Browser: Majority use iOS devices with Safari.
Age Group Dynamics: Strong representation in the 25-54 age range.
Age Breakdown: 30k users aged 25-34, 27k aged 35-44, 25k aged 45-54.
Optimization Focus: Prioritize mobile-centric strategies, Safari compatibility, and targeted content for the 25-54 age group.
Customer Journey Map

Timeline and Schedules

Auto UX/Conversion Review and Mobile Optimization phase
The detailed timeline for the Auto UX/Conversion Review and Mobile Optimization phase is expected to span early February 2024 to April 2024

Medium Priority - E&P site

Our E&P members frequently update their websites to communicate the charities they support. The hero image is used to display, which doesn't follow our branding guidelines. If you could recommend a layout that allows members to make claims/promote their key partnerships/activity on the website, either through a banner or a carousel?

Timeline and Schedules

May 2024

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