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Noda Whitepaper
Noda, a leading global Open Banking platform, is revolutionizing the way online merchants operate. By tackling critical challenges such as end-user KYC, efficient payments processing, LTV forecasting, and UX optimization, Noda provides comprehensive solutions tailored for the digital age. Our extensive network, partnering with 1,650 banks across 28 countries and encompassing over 30,000 bank branches, ensures that merchants have the support they need to thrive globally.
200+ merchants with 2500+ live websites
30+ resellers 
of our method
12 white labels
2 franchises
The fastest growing payment method in the world
Fully licensed across EU, UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Asian Countries
World Class IT-team with out-of-the-box thinking
Specialising in: Gaming, Dating, Crypto, Travel, еСomm
Killer features for end-users
Brilliant internal worldwide marketing
All markets. No exceptions
Open Banking Payment Provider
With Noda's advanced Open Banking API, online businesses can easily integrate direct bank payments, offering their customers a seamless and secure payment experience with lower fees. Whether you're looking to enhance customer verification processes, optimize payment systems, forecast long-term value, or refine user experience, Noda is your partner in growth.

Expanding our media presence

Also keep in touch with Noda’s , as there you can see examples of our activity over time.
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