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Noda Non-Doc Verification Service

Stay compliant and achieve better conversion rates with non-document customer checks through their bank accounts. Verify user's identity, age, postal address, and bank account within seconds, eliminating the need for document uploading and liveness checks.

Ensure the accuracy and full compliance of user-provided data with Open Banking non-document verification.
Boost the efficiency of your KYC process without requiring document submissions.
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) practices to detect high-risk players.
Get better user conversion rates.
Serve both regulated and non-regulated markets, ensuring adaptability and compliance.

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How it works

Step 1 Initiate Identity Check
Start the process by providing us with crucial user details that you have asked for during registration: full name, date of birth (DOB) and address.
Step 2 Instant Consent Users grant permission for full name retrieval with a single click during payment or authorisation.

Step 3 Seamless Verification Noda verifies customer details, delivering comprehensive check results directly to you.

If you've already integrated with Noda Payments or the Payouts API, there's no additional integration required to go live. Just ensure the smooth transition of these fields and activate Identity – that’s it.

Switch between Non-Doc and Traditional verification

If the user fails the verification or if you wish to use traditional verification by default, you can choose the Noda Documentary Verification service as an alternative.
Noda Non-Doc Verification Service also offers traditional identity verification. It supports identification documents from over 150 countries, has minimal commission fees, and offers extensive coverage through partnerships with over 500 banks in the UK and EU across 27 countries.
* Noda Documentary Verification service that utilizes our certified partner, including API and User Interface.

Traditional checks VS Noda Open Banking checks

Traditional verification
👎 Multiple checks needed: identity, age, proof of address, and bank account verification.
👎 Uploading documents can be challenging for users, leading to decreased conversion to the first deposit.
👎 Takes up to 10 minutes to manage all uploading.
👎 Documents processing time can take up to 1 minute.
Noda Non-Doc Verification
👍 Verify all customer details seamlessly through their bank account.
👍 Simple authorisation into their bank account is all that's required.
👍 Takes less than 30 seconds to get done.
👍 Take less than 5 seconds to verify the decision.

Stay compliant anywhere

Onboard users with confidence thanks to a secure government database to ensure full compliance:
Certified Provider Network: powered by a network of certified providers, ensuring that every step adheres to industry standards and regulatory requirements.
Industry-Recognized Certifications: supported by industry-leading certifications, including the UK Government Trust Framework Certification (UKG TF Certification), Digital Identity and Age Verification (DIA) Accreditation, and a steadfast commitment to stringent Data Security Standards.
Global Coverage with Local Compliance: With partnerships and data sources spanning the globe, we provide a comprehensive solution that not only meets global compliance standards but also caters to local regulations.
Security Measures: Noda Non-Doc Verification Service employs robust security measures to safeguard user data, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

How to implement

Here are three options that could be suitable for you:
Already integrated with Pay & Go or Noda Payment flow
Switch verification on in customer registration and their initial deposit process. If you are already integrated with Noda payment API there is no additional integration required to get live!
Already Integrated with Payout
Enable verification during the payout process through Noda. If you are already integrated with Noda Payouts API there is no additional integration required to get live!
Flexible independent checks at your convenience
Use Noda Non-Doc Verification checks from any point your customer journey. This flexible integration allows you to conduct independent checks at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What regions are supported by Noda Verification Service?

Noda Non-Doc Verification Service covering most commonly used banking institutions in the UK, Germany and supporting all banking institutions involved in the Dutch eID scheme (iDIN).

How does Noda guarantee the verification result?

Noda employs advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to ensure the accuracy and reliability of its verification results. By analyzing multiple data points and cross-referencing information, Noda can verify all critical customer details and provide a trustworthy verification outcome.

What happens if a customer fails verification?

If a customer fails the verification process you can ask user to pass full KYC procedure with uploading identification documents or restrict user access.

How can I get the user's KYC report if needed?

If you require the KYC (Know Your Customer) report for a user, Noda provides a secure and convenient method to access and retrieve the report. You can easily retrieve the KYC report through Noda's user interface or API, ensuring that you have the necessary information for compliance and due diligence purposes.

Does the Noda Verification Service adhere to regulatory requirements?

The Noda Non-Doc Verification Service is designed to adhere to regulatory requirements. Our commitment to compliance is reinforced by utilizing certified providers and regularly updating our processes to align with evolving regulatory standards. This ensures that our verification solution remains secure, reliable, and in compliance.

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