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St Ultans Christmas Appeal

St Ultans - About us

About Us


Saint Ultans campus is a unique campus in Cherry Orchard, an area of high deprivation in west Dublin.
Saint Ultans exists to break the cycle of disadvantage that children grow up in, and it does so my aiming to make life better for children, giving them the resources to make choices that are right for them, expand their skills and live life on their terms.

Education has long been recognised as a valuable resource, in an area where there is 8 % third level educational attainment, supporting children & young people in education and its importance is a very significant step to make long term change .

St Ultans recognises that education has not always been a priority for disadvantaged communities as there are many barriers, not just within the education system, but also within their lives.
Therefore St Ultans adopts a holistic approach to education, and addresses both the education needs and the care needs of children, both during the school day and after it ends, including summer time.

St Ultans encompasses, a nursery, early years, primary school, An autism unit, and a care service that works together with the child at the center. We follow a coordinated campus approach that links each service with the needs of the child at the core.
This includes, a hot meal every day for every child, in school support for children who need it, an integrated Care & Education plan for every child, supports such as play therapy, speech & language, counselling, and hygiene, behaviour programmes.

Christmas Time In St Ultans
Christmas is a big event for every child, and in St Ultans we aim to make every Christmas special.
Music and song fill the corridors and classrooms, decorations fill the campus, Santa arrives and even in Covid times the children get a special Christmas lunch, with music and songs All helping to build the atmosphere for Christmas and Santa’s special visit on Christmas eve.
For some, Santa’s visit may not be so special, and in St Ultans we aim to help Santa, by supporting those who need it most.

With your help we can make it better.

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