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St Ultans Christmas Appeal 2022

A Better Christmas

Thank you for sponsoring our children this Christmas.
We request a purchase of between 35 and 50 Euro per child.
You can provide a voucher (Smyths, Eddie Rockets, Penny's, and McDonald’s are the most popular), purchase toys directly or transfer funds to the care unit and they will make a purchase on your behalf.
You can choose one or a number of children from the list below, Fill in your name and email opposite the child's name. Click on the method you wish to apply. Click on the box to confirm.
All donators will receive a receipt and note from the care unit.
NB If you wish to contribute via bank transfer:
Name on account : Saint Ultans Childcare Project
BIC - IPBSIE2D IBAN - IE69IPBS99060630683781
The Children:
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