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“Innovation is the creation, development and implementation of a new process, product or service, with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness or competitive advantage.”
These changes don’t have to be massive investments nor cause much if any disruption. They need to be SMART, well thought out and have the buy-in of the key players in your organisation.
People will tell you that you need to think outside the box in order to imagine the changes you need to make to deliver the future you want for your business. We at the No Problem Consultancy don’t believe in thinking inside or outside the box.
“When it comes to innovation, there is no box”
The No Problem team have been involved in helping scores of companies scale their businesses through innovation for over a decade. We are your trusted business partner when creating strategy, developing ideas into successful projects and crucially we also provide the digital tools to manage and monitor the initiative.
We offer a wide range of services including Innovation and Technology Consulting, Business Strategy, Digital and Business Transformation, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, Brand and Marketing Strategy, Organisational Design, Change Management.
We support Organisations throughout the full cycle of Strategy and Planning, Execution, Evaluation and Feedback.
Why your business needs to innovate:
For small businesses, the upside to building an innovation centric business can be game-changing. Not only is innovation the key to meeting customer expectations and empowering employees, but it can also help small businesses do more with less.
Success starts with asking the right questions and defining the right approach. We work with you to define what success looks like—then build the right approach for achieving it.
The efficiencies afforded to small business as a result of innovating through the implementation of a digital transformation program means having a comprehensive database shared across your entire business, leveraging customer data to create personalised messaging and service strategies, enabling employee connectivity from mobile devices.
One can free small teams up to spend more time winning and keeping new customers.
When you build digitally from the beginning, it’s much easier to scale systems as your business grows.
Employees aren’t the only ones benefiting from easy-to-use, always-on access to information in the workplace.
73% of customers prefer to do business with brands that personalise their shopping experience
Harvard Business Review.
We help you transform your current business systems and infrastructure to deliver better value and better results. With a focus on planning, analysis & strategy , training, legacy system modernisation. We offer next-generation experiences for time-tested organisations. We call this “digital Transformation”.
What is digital transformation:
All digital transformations start with the move from analog to digital — that is, taking information off of paper and putting it into the digital realm. From there, these basic ideas apply to all businesses and industries:
Meet customers in the digital channels they already frequent
Leverage data to better understand your customers and the marketplace as a whole
Free your data and share intelligence across your entire business
Encourage once-separate groups like marketing, sales, and service to collaborate
Your competition is so much greater than it was even five years ago and demands on your business are also greater from clients, suppliers, online, industry press and more. So sticking with what worked in the past is not an option, good digital policies are your way to step ahead of the competition and meet problems before competitors may have even thought about them.
Digital transformation allows business to manage and analyse the vast quantities of information it routinely gathers. This information can be leveraged to create clear blue water between you and your competitors.
These are two main areas the No Problem team specialise in delivering results:
What transformation looks like for customers.
As products become less distinguishable by brand and price, providing a great customer experience has become essential for companies to differentiate themselves.
We’re not just talking about the customer service you received — the customer experience is broader and deeper than that. What’s important is the total perception of the company, interaction by interaction, from the first touchpoint to the last. This may include navigating the website, talking to sales reps over the phone, visiting a store, sampling a product or service, and experiencing an onboarding phase after a purchase.
2. What transformation looks like for your management teams and employees.
When employees can work from anywhere, the tools and technologies they need to do their work suddenly matter more than ever. Whether physically in a workplace or working remotely, employees expect to have the tools they need to be productive and work efficiently—their success, and the success of your business, is determined by having the right technology. Employee productivity not only impacts the bottom line, it also impacts overall employee satisfaction and engagement. Regardless of company size or industry, engaged employees create better customer experiences, which can further the growth of the business
Deliver an employee experience that makes it easy for teams to collaborate, be productive, and stay healthy.
“84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.”
An organisation’s ability to deliver great employee and customer experiences hinges on its ability to seamlessly operate on the backend. Streamlined workflows, digital processes, and automated tasks are all ways organisations can create efficiencies.
Remember, Innovation and digital transformation are not just a cost of doing business. They are a necessary and worthwhile investment. Scaling your business successfully demands it. Part of the good innovation planning will include a cost benefit analysis and a measuring & monitoring program.
No Problem innovation projects result in guaranteed savings and new profit streams for our clients, we are currently
delivering a verified average ROI of a multiple of five. Where else will you get a return like that?
About me:

Brand Photography8.jpeg
What I bring to your business:
Innovative, cutting edge Innovationist that adds value, saves costs, improves communication, maximises performance, enhances teamwork & helps you into the future.
You have the back up & confidence of over 35 years varied business experience from the shop floor & site to the boardroom . A listening ear, with focussed eyes, big heart & inspired soul.
From SME’s right through to Corporate entity the approach is unique, bespoke, & value added working via personal relationships towards individual, team & corporate goals.
People deal with people & my approach is to make them more productive, happier, & united in a common goal to learn, grow & succeed.
A visionary, coach, trainer, mentor & confessor. Adding to the business whilst subtracting from the costs in multiple areas covering every division.
Decision makers , implementers, workers, thinkers & supporters are listened to & collaborated with in an atmosphere of mutual respect, professionalism & enjoyment.
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