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From conversations, wealth managers need a tool that:
1) serves all their tech and data needs from one place
2) requires minimal manual overhead to manage
3) makes them and their relationship managers appear as bespoke as possible to their clients

Paasa: a technology-first approach to wealth management

The Finance and Tech landscape in India is evolving fast.
is the tech and data platform for India's wealth managers that leverages today's technology and financial frameworks to bring productivity to a wealth practice.
It unifies financial data using account aggregators while offering portfolio analytics, a CRM, a client mobile app, and more. It also boasts an LLM interface that allows wealth managers to slice and dice their data and generate personalized talking points for each client.


Targeting mid size wealth managers to begin with, we have a two-phase plan for revenue:
Tech platform license fee based on the AUM
Enable mutual funds transactions via the platform (0.25-2.0% trail commission)
The mutual fund industry AUM in India will grow from (18% CAGR). Most of that value will be captured in Phase 2. A prerequisite to getting there is a sticky tech platform.

Competitive Landscape

Incumbents include WealthSpectrum, Redvision Technologies, Miles Software. They’ve been around for 15+ years. Their tools are built on legacy tech stacks. This implies a potentially clunky experience and slow iterative loops.
As an example, they still have not integrated with any Account Aggregator, meaning wealth managers need to manually input clients’ equities, bonds, and fixed deposit data on the platform. Additionally, there is no AI tooling, meaning their data is not contextualized to enhance workflows or simplify decision-making.
Nice-to-haves today will be must-haves tomorrow. Good tech and a fast iterative loop will make all the difference.


We’re currently on track to have a full MVP by August 2024.

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