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Intense Content Calendar
Content calendar


Hi there, Intense-Team!

This doc shall serve a rough overview of a possible content calendar view.

Additional functionalities can be added as desired, such as
Assigning team members to each task, as well as which person has to approve prior to launch
Once a project has been created, then the person who shall authorize the task can be automatically notified
One the task has been approved, then the person responsible for launching will also be notified automatically, thus avoiding any delays
Tracking assets within the same doc
Keeping an archive of past content in order to re-purpose it (can be eg searchable by topic, or by how long ago they last aired, etc)
In addition to the main calendar view for scheduled content, each team member can also have a unique view showing the necessary timeframes on the calendar for creating the content (instead of showing when the content shall be published, the calendar would thus show when the content shall be created)
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