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The purpose of this update is to provide you with an overview of our launch week including operating activity, metrics, and plans for growth.

February Highlight
Successful Product Launch on iOS (Consumer Marketplace)

Our Metrics & Success Indicators
We launched our consumer marketplace on 2/22/22. Since then, we have generated $13,200+ in GMV. We were able to do this for a few reasons:
Product - Our mobile app has been developed with the user experience in mind.
Merchant Partnerships - We choose partners who produce high quality garments & have demonstrated a record of excellent customer satisfaction.

Metrics since launch:
$13,200+ in GMV generated
$726 in Revenue Generated (5.55% of GMV)
Conversion Rate - 6.778% (App Download → Order)
18% of Total Downloads are Daily Active Users
35+ Merchant Applications For Product Sale Received
4.9 / 5.0 Star Average App Rating (56 Ratings)

Our focus is to ensure a delightful user experience from first impression of our company throughout the POS and beyond.

First Impression - A prospective user discovers our platform through original video content on social media. Our content intentionally invokes feelings of excitement and genuine curiosity.

This impression is our chief opportunity to attain end-users, and is measured by our conversion rate:
Conversion Rate - 35% (Launch Video Impression → App Download)
to watch our launch video

App Experience - Our goal is to provide the user with a simple and intuitive, yet engaging way to purchase products. There is no learning curve for users who are familiar with online shopping. Our conversion rate for (Download → Account Created) provide us with an early indication of our user’s satisfaction.
Conversion Rate - 53% (App Downloads → Accounts Created)
to download our app

High Quality Garments - Our team understands that our end-user’s primary objective in joining our consumer marketplace platform is to purchase garments. Therefore, our team has established a “merchant vetting procedure” that includes a physical examination of garment quality. This extra-step contributes to increased sales over time.

When end-users are satisfied with the quality of their garments, they not only return as customer, but they also flaunt selfies (known as ”s) on social media to their personal network.

The track record of our exclusive merchants have earned us the below conversion rate:
Conversion Rate - 6.778% (App Download → Order Placed)

Post POS Support - Our end users are aware of our contact methods in the event of a question, concern, or issue. We are utilizing platforms that are familiar to our audience in order to conduct support, including: Discord, Instagram, and E-Mail.

Merchant Partnerships & Growth Plans
Our team strategically limited the number of supply-side merchants who were able to sell products on launch day.

We did this because our team required absolute certainty that our AWS servers were able to scale to meet demand. Therefore, we launched exclusively with only two merchants:
@whathappenedtogod - 170,500 combined following (IG/TT)
@demikNJ - 331,000 combined following (IG/TT)

We have received over 35 applications from merchants who have expressed interest to sell garments on our platform. We plan to accept ~40% of these applications and onboard them to our platform in early Q2.

Technical Performance
<10 crashes worldwide (.001% of instances) & average request time was <1s to date

We began the development of our mobile app 2 months ago. I set an accelerated timeframe for our team in order to ensure that we launch & iterate quickly. In this short period of team, our team continually impressed me with their subject matter expertise, dedication, and commitment to their role.

We are in a unique position where end-users were eagerly awaiting our product launch. As a result, our team received hundreds of voluntary pieces of feedback from customers around the world about our platform. This feedback is invaluable to us and will heavily contribute to our development priority.

If you are interested in learning more about our long-term mission you may read our .

Feel free to reach out to me for questions, comments, or concerns at . Thank you for your support!

Nihar Raval
Co-Founder & CEO, Archiv Technologies Inc.
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