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Sales Toolkit

This toolkit helps you manage the day to day of your book of business both with internal end external stakeholders
Hi! I’m Nicole an Enterprise Account Executive at Coda. 👋
Below is a compilation of a few of my favorite docs to get a sales team and/or individual contributor up and running to be organized and efficient. If something is not listed below but you would like to see it I’d love to hear from you:
Sales Toolkit Docs
Account Organization
How to manage Salesforce data, team documentation, and action items all in one spot
🤲 Working with CSM
🏗️ Coming soon!
⚒️ Working with SDR
🏗️ Coming soon!
Improve the buying experience and keep everyone aligned throughout the process.
SWOT + action items all in an evolving Account Plan
Client Notes
Use Coda to track meeting notes. At the end of the call, log the meeting to Salesforce with the click of a button
Sync your Google Calendar to Coda and take all meeting notes in one spot with the click of a button
Team Structure
Weekly meeting template that is light, actionable, and interesting enough
Use Coda’s “Stats n’ Stories” template for your own version or a QBR format to review the health of your book or business as a team.
A framework for keeping 1-on-1’s organized and productive.
Work more effectively and transparently with this guide to communicating quirks and values to colleagues.
Integrating Salesforce into Coda
Executive Involvement
Use the CEO of Gainsight, Nick Mehta’s, Ghost Notes system to give anyone in the company the power to draft an email “from the CEO” that you can review and send when ready.

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