The Best Access Control Systems for Businesses

As security needs continue to increase, so do the options for access control systems. Businesses need to find a system that meets their specific needs and stays up-to-date with the latest technology. Each system has unique features, so read about each one carefully before deciding which is suitable for you. Here are the in 2022.
Fingerprint access control systems
This is the most common type of biometric access control system because it is easy to use. The user will touch the sensor with their finger, which will then scan the live fingerprint. This process takes a picture of the ridges and valleys on the user’s finger. The information is then sent to a computer for verification. If it’s a match, the machine will send an electric current that unlocks the door. If it’s not a match, the door will remain locked.
Relatively cheap. These systems have become increasingly popular in recent years due partly to their relatively low costs. You can find them in office buildings, government buildings, and even some HOAs.
A primary concern for many is hygiene. In healthcare settings, this is particularly important as it is crucial to limit the spread of infection. Unlike other forms of biometric access control, such as iris scanners, fingerprint readers require physical contact with the sensor. This means there is a risk of contamination, particularly if the sensor is not cleaned regularly.
These systems are susceptible to replication by third parties. This means that if someone obtains a copy of your fingerprint, they could potentially gain access to your home or office. While this may seem like a far-fetched scenario, it is relatively common.
Palm Vein Biometric systems

Palm vein biometric systems are one of the most accurate biometric access control systems available. They use an infrared camera to capture an image of the veins in the palm, which are then used to create a template. This template is then compared to a database of palm vein patterns to verify the individual’s identity. Because these systems read the pattern of veins in your palm, they are virtually impossible to fake. This type of scanning is also very accurate and can be used for various purposes, from securing office buildings to apartment complexes.
One of the main advantages of palm vein biometric systems is that they are incredibly accurate. In fact, they have been shown to be more accurate than fingerprint and iris recognition systems.
Additionally, palm vein patterns are very difficult to duplicate, making them much more secure than other biometric technology. Since faking a whole pattern would be difficult, it’s harder for hackers to reverse engineer. Palm vein biometric systems are also non-intrusive and can be used without the need for physical contact. This makes them ideal for high-security areas such as airports and government buildings.
Unlike fingerprint systems, these systems are less susceptible to wear and tear. This is because they don’t require physical contact with the sensor. This also keeps them clean, making them ideal for healthcare facilities.
Cold weather can potentially reduce the functionality of palm vein biometric systems. The veins constrict in cold temperatures, making it difficult to obtain an accurate image. In addition, frost formation on the hand can also interfere with the imaging process. As a result, palm vein biometric systems may not be as reliable in cold weather conditions.
Cloud-based access control
These systems allow businesses to manage and monitor their systems remotely. Rather than having to be on-site physically, companies can use a web-based interface to track activity, set permissions, and modify devices. This can be especially helpful for businesses with multiple locations, as it reduces the need for on-site personnel.
Cloud-access control is a highly scalable solution for managing access to cloud resources. With cloud-access control, organizations can easily add or remove users from the system as needed. They can also set granular permissions to control what users can do with the resources they have access to. This is especially important when expanding your business and hiring more employees.
Remote real-time monitoring. They also offer real-time monitoring since they are often integrated with other door and gate security systems. This provides a comprehensive approach to security in the cloud and is ideal for organizations looking to secure their data and applications in the cloud.
Ongoing subscription costs. This can add up over time, especially if you have a large number of employees or locations. Some cloud-based access control systems may have limited features or integrations compared to on-premises systems.
Another potential downside is that you are reliant on the internet connection to access the system, so if there is an outage, you will not be able to use it. Finally, most cloud-based access control systems are less secure than on-premises systems because the data is stored off-site.
However, some companies offer encryption and security features to mitigate these risks. Nexlar can do it for you. Through our web-based application, you can rest assured your business is safe. Don’t ever worry about cloud-service failure.
Our choice
Alfred360 by Nexlar.
Alfred360 is our intelligent cloud-based access control system that allows you to control all property entry points with your mobile phone. It is highly secure and can function online and offline. When integrated with license plate readers, this app combines convenience and intrusion detection functionality that automatically unlocks gates for your visitors and improves customer service. In case of suspicious entry, you’ll get notified through messages or email.
Alfred360 is ideal for gated communities, multi-family apartment complexes, and commercial properties. It lets you take control of your security the smart way and protects your property while minimizing liability in the best way possible. Book a free demo by calling (281)-407-0768.
Nexlar is an expert gate and access control installation company that can help you secure your property. We are trusted to deliver outstanding results. With our security solutions, you can manage who has access to your property, how they do it, and when. Our solutions range from commercial parking lot gates and video surveillance cameras to automatic gate operators and more.
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