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To conclude, the above article provides the features and types of SEO commonly used.
Search engine optimization or SEO is a program that is used to improve your site by improving the visibility rate for the spectators or the internet surfers to look for the products or the materials regarding studies, entertainment, or work you are looking for in a faster, smooth, and swift process in different search engines. The better and fast the visibility of your pages is, the more your website is likely to get more attraction and visitors. SEO was created or invented by Larry Page, and Sergy Brin was launched in 1991, but in 1997, it officially started to operate globally. In this article, you will learn about features and types of .
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What Are The Commonly Used Types In SEO?
· On-Page SEO- anything inside your web pages, such as blogs, product copy, web copy, title tags, image alt tags, and internal links. All the page contents help you state your position in the internet world.
· Off-page SEO- the developer outside the website took strategies or actions without changing the content inside your website. In this type of SEO, you will find backlinks attached links to a different or external website related to the same case you are searching for in the search engine option. An Off-Page SEO includes Social Media Marketing, Blogging, and Brand Building. This also helps you maintain or improve the rank of the website you have created. If your rank gets lower than expected, the website might be deleted from the search engine.
· Technical SEO- these are website and server optimizations where it ensures that you meet up with the technical requirements for modern search engines to improve your website ranking by indexing your site and by making the size of the pictures or images in the website small so that the webpage load faster even while using mobile devices to search.
Some Features of SEO -
· Link Analysis And Acquisition - links are the most critical external way to help your website gain popularity through off-page SEO optimization by linking different external links to your page to provide extra information based on the same topic to your clients.
· Keyword Research - this means the SEO optimizer must know about the keywords the internet surfers commonly use while searching for your page or website. Based on this, your pages might rank according to the queries and rank. SEO provides research tools for internet surfers allowing marketers or business entities to know what consumers commonly search for.
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