Two-Rock & ÷ by 13 Amplifiers

Content Development + Social Media Foundations

Prepared for Eli Lester and Two-Rock Amplifiers

by John Schimpf for The New Shirt Creative Agency

Project Summary


Providing excellent content is key to engaging and communicating with customers in every business. Interactive stories, amazing sales materials and engaging social media is an extension of everything, your brand, product and customer service. More than ever the tools we have available further our ability to create a true community, not just a list of customers in a database.
Expert planning and strategy, inspiring, personalized content, and simple methods communication helps every business build a loyal community of customers, fans, and evangelists.
The Two-Rock and ÷13 brands are storied, prestigious, and boutique, which gives us an amazing opportunity to not only wrap up our existing community, but to expand and grow the already strong base of enthusiasts, hobbyists and professionals. These products represent incredible handmade craftsmanship and engineering as well as high design that fits in both the finest studios and living rooms.
As your companies continue to evolve and flourish, the need for strong communication and community support will continue to grow. This proposal is the beginning of a relationship that can help your company benefit from the amazing resources and team that we have built. Together, we can achieve great things and we are genuinely excited to take the next steps together.

Specific Areas of Focus

Develop a new base of video content for both the Two-Rock and the ÷13 brands. This content will serve as both advertising and educational content for new and existing customers.
Develop a comprehensive social media plan across all brands and channels, and utilize our network of partners, including curators, artists and guests.
Develop a blog series to promote both technical leaning information and artist collaboration related content.
Developing a portfolio of fresh still photography for use in sales and marketing materials.
Ensure brand and message consistency across all channels.
Establishing tooling to effectively manage social channels and blogs.
Plan and develop campaigns in advance of product launches, allowing us to maximize impact, reach and efficacy of every campaign.
Explore steps to better align customer service and social media channels and online communities.
Explore ways to optimize and consolidate customer service channels using chat bots, social media channels, forms and email inquiries.

Specific benefits we will achieve

Developed content that will address all relevant platforms and opportunities for communication and sales, and drive consistency across all brands.
A managed social media foundation that keeps channels full with fresh and relevant content created specifically for your audience.
Engaging articles and features that drive SEO, and establish your brand as a leader in online space.

Roadmap - Essential Programs

Social Media Foundations

A comprehensive social media plan will help drive awareness, build community, serve as a powerful platform for announcements, provide valuable demographic data, and serve as a sales platform. The following roadmap will help define your audience, and build systems to effectively manage your social media program.
This program is recommended as a starting place for any social media engagement. Knowing your audience helps reduce spend and effort in the long run, and adds tremendous value to any company as a whole.

Foundational Elements
Initial Audience Discovery
Competitive Analysis
Engagement Strategy
Market Trends and Opportunities
Channel Breakdowns
Social Media Budgeting
Community Management Guidelines
Social Media Policies and Guidelines

Media Planning and Organization
Content Goals and Alignments
Content Calendar Creation
Content Creation and Asset Management
Workflow and Scheduling Tools
Adaptive Systems
Reporting Systems
Social Influencer Alignment

Group Management
Group Join Surveying
Group Survey Analytics

Platform Customizations
3rd Party Platform Review
Platform Setup
Channel Standards Guide
Channel Banners and Avatar Customization
Multi-Link Social Landing Page Development

Social Media Manager Oversight
Hiring Guide Development
Job Description
Process Management
Training Guide Development
Best Practices and Policy Guide Development

Client Consulting
Findings Review
Tooling Systems Overview

Video Content Development

This plan will capitalize on the existing flow of celebrity talent, capturing several series intended to fill social feeds, YouTube, and generally promote both brands. Below are several concepts to review as a starting place for developing impactful, high-quality video content.

Video Content Series #1 - Exclusive Artist Features
High-end artist features
Studio setting - High production value
Targeted interview
Goal-oriented content, designed to be split apart for socials

Video Content Series #2 - Conversations Series
Informal moments
Shot at Eli’s house
Can be used as YouTube content, and split apart for social reels
Production value that is consistent with brand
Would also include live rig rundowns and pre show interviews with major artists

Video Content Series #3 - “Ask Me Anything with Eli”
Questions submitted via YouTube
Informal, low production value
Entertaining because of general question base

Blog Development Series

A regular blog series acts similarly to a landing page by optimizing search engine results, and providing an alternate medium for engagement. A monthly series to start will help jumpstart this optimization without overwhelming our ability to produce content.
Possible topics include:
Company stories
Technical series featuring the team
Artist series

Photography Development - Two Rock + ÷13 at Home

Fresh product photos of both brands, with a focus on ÷13
Shoot at a high end residence and studio
Can be used across all media outlets
Can add personalities

Additional Programs

We provide a complete set of programs and systems to optimize how you communicate and transact with your customers. Each project is built custom for your business and is optimized with your audience and needs in mind.
Email Marketing Systems and Optimization
Customer Communications Optimization
SEO systems and planning
Custom Landing Page Development
Brand Monitoring / Reputation Management / Testimonial Development
Sales Strategy Development
PPC & Social Media Advertising
Existing website modifications
Surveying Systems Development
Analytics and Performance Dashboards
Personalization Development

Roadmap Pricing and Rollout Options

Option 1 - Realignment of Resources
We realign the existing ad spend to complete the roadmap in sequence, with new content taking priority. This is a slower paced approach that reaches similar goals, on a longer timeline.
Benefits: No additional short term spending
Considerations: Foundational research takes a back seat, potentially limiting the reach of new content until completed. Project modules will be slower to roll out.

Option 2 - Boosted Approach
We front load the roadmap with the Social Media Foundations as a separate paid project, aiding the ability to effectively plan, and roll out newly created content to a more tightly defined audience.
Benefits: Understanding the audience by having a solid foundation in place will make ads more effective, and will grow and serve the community more efficiently. Ad spend can be better utilized as audiences are better defined.
Considerations: More upfront investment

Option 3 - Full Gas
This approach fully funds the Social Media Foundations program, quickly moves toward creating new content for both brands, establishes a monthly blog series, develops a full content calendar, and wraps in customer and community management systems. Additional project modules would be completed in sequence according to the roadmap.
Benefits: This approach moves the fastest by engaging teams to aggressively create content and flesh out and manage all social media systems. This approach will focus ad spend, maximize new content, and wrap all communities together for an overall better customer service experience.
Considerations: Higher upfront and ongoing spend.


Powerful, personalized messaging and communication is the key to everything we do. From developing brands from scratch, to modernizing communications systems and strategies, our aim is to constantly provide clear lines of communication between consumer, product and company.
We also find that the best products are based on the actual needs and desires of the customer, engaging customers organically without resorting to traditional pressure or sales tactics. We believe a great product speaks for itself, and a great audience simply needs to be paired with that product for any company to succeed.

Why Us

The additional sales this investment will create will far exceed project fees.
Our phased approach addresses the pressing items now, and builds upon each step to provide an extremely comprehensive and valuable end product.
Hiring our team with this phased approach brings a wealth of expertise at a price that is far lower than hiring a full time employee or team.
We spend time with your team to ensure everyone understands and can use the information we provide.
I have closely worked alongside with my team, many of which a decade or more.
Clear explanations of our process, goals and deliverables as well as close communication and adherence to timelines builds trust, which is foundational to everything we do.
We do and source high quality data and research

New Shirt Creative
John Schimpf - Founder

Thank you.
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