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Product Roadmap Overview

Record, Manage & Share Videos

This Roadmap is built by Doubling down on what users love and addressing what holds users back

Prioritizing on what users love will increase the product/market fit score. Addressing on what holds users back will increase user adoption and lifetime value. A balance between being vision-driven on what user’s love and being feedback-driven on what holds users back is required to increase market penetration. These are the main concepts used for building this roadmap.

Whiteboard Tools :

I’ve used Miro to devise a Product Alignment Document (PAD) for Vmaker. Below is the URL of the Product Alignment Document.

The goal of the product alignment approach is to guide structural opportunity discovery, solution discovery, ensure product collaboration and knowledge sharing in the product org as the company rapidly grows. This approach can be used at companies of all sizes. In fact, the earlier a company adopts this approach, the easier it will be to overcome product collaboration and alignment issues arising from the company’s growth.

Top fast growing companies that use PAD approach : Figma, Dropbox, Miro, etc.


Goal/Objectives (Assumption based on analysis made after using Vmaker and its competitor tools) :

Increase user engagement by 30%
Increase daily active users by 70%
Reduce churn rate to less than 5%
Enhance innovative features to penetration market by 40%
Increase paid users and signup users by 30%
Increase MRR/ARR
Increase brand awareness and brand value score
Increase generating sales leads by 40%
Improve product-market fit score
Increase user traffic on website and social media channels
Analyze and add new personas and use cases
Increase user feature adoption frequency to once per week

Opportunity/Problem :

Managing and organizing the videos :
There is a need for having the features enabling the end users to organize and manage a huge number of videos and other data effectively and at ease when it comes to huge and unlimited storage.

User Engagement :
Application lacks some user engaging features like notifying users on the activities, comments, tagging in users, etc. and provisions to share the application through different media which will help to attract new users and to increase product visibility.

Video editing Capabilities :
Some minimal video editing capabilities are missing in the application which is needed so that users do not have to go for other applications for editing purposes. This will also help in user retention.

Ability to support multiple platforms (mobile app, iPad, Windows) :
Application is available only in Mac and Chrome, must be introduced in Android, iPad and Windows to increase user accessibility and to grab more and more users which will help in promoting the brand value.

App redesigning for enhanced/better user experience :
Application lacks some visually appealing and attractive features. Redesigning will help improving the user experience and make the application more appealing to users.

Integrations :
There are no provisions in the application to integrate with other applications and tools like Slack, MS Teams, etc. This is required to increase product usage and for collaborative access to content.

Education use case update :
Lack of features that are needed specifically for having a better learning experience like creating classrooms, topics, posting assignments and enabling conversations with teachers / lecturers which will be more engaging.


Channel Management:
Videos can be organized into Channels, Workspace and Community Workspace which can be accessed conveniently and can be shared with the target audience easily and securely.

User Engagement:
We can increase user engagement by bringing in features for showcasing, distribution, live streaming, video uploading features and video podcast support features

Video Recorder Updates:
We can bring in pointers, highlighters, markers, etc. which will be helpful while doing presentations. We can also have a minimal whiteboard to put notes.

Video Editing Capability:
Bringing in a simple drag-and-drop editor makes adding, removing, trimming, or moving sections of video or audio and several other editing techniques a breeze.

Analytic Features:
Analytics on usage, number of shares, number of views, duration of views, etc. will help to analyze and improve the data/content quality.

Re-examining User Experience:
Enhancement of usability and redesigning the look and feel of the application by researching buyers’ personas and their feedback.

Addressing the major integrations available in the competitor tools. Education oriented integrations should be given priority.

Multiple Platforms:
Application should be introduced in multiple devices/platforms like iPhone, Android, iPad and Windows based on the potential market of the devices.

E-Learning use case update:
Learning experience can be improvised with features to record lectures, capture presentations, and to create video lessons.

Customer Segments:

Individual Content Creators
Video content making
Video editing

For Work
(Offices, Small businesses, Corporate teams, Enterprise users)
Demo videos
Webinar recording
Meeting recording
Video tutorials
Instructional videos
Explained videos
Online events
Presentation recordings
Community video podcast

Professionals in the Video Industry
Video production agency

For Education Industry
Training videos
Online classes
Training sessions

Social Media Content Creators
YouTube videos
Live streaming in social media
Video podcasts

Tools used for this work:
For documentation and content sharing
For creating PAD in whiteboard
Product Plan
For roadmap building
Adobe XD
For UI/UX design
There are no rows in this table

Roadmap Tools
: ProductPlan

I’ve used ProductPlan to devise a Product Roadmap for Vmaker. Below is the URL of the Product roadmap, please have a look at it.


Key Milestones
Important Release
Milestones 1
Q1 Features Priorities List Release
New Website
iOS App v1.0 release
Andriod App v1.0 release
Redesign Web APP
Mac App v2.0 release
Milestones 2
Q2 Features Priorities List Release
Window App v1.0 release
iPad App v1.0 release
iOS App v2.0 release
Mac App v3.0 release
Andriod App v2.0 release
Milestones 3
Q3 Features Priorities List Release
Window App v2.0 release
iPad App v2.0 release
Mac App v4.0 release
iOS App v3.0 release
Andriod App v3.0 release
Milestones 4
Q4 Features Priorities List Release
Window App V3.0 release
iPad App v3.0 release
iOS App v4.0 release
Andriod App v4.0 release

Web App Redesign:


Mobile App design (iOS/Android):

iPhone 12.png

Desktop App (Mac/Windows):


Website Redesign:


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