Product Overview

Create, publish, measure. All in one place.

Goal/Objectives: Assumptions after using Picmaker and its competitor tools

Increase daily active users by 60%
Reduce churn rate by less than 5%
Enhance innovative features to penetration market by 40%
Increase paid users and signup users by 40%
Increase MRR/ARR
Increase brand awareness and brand value score
Increase generating sales leads by 40%
Improve product-market fit score
Increase user traffic on website and social media channels
Add new personas and new use cases


Managing/organising campaigns & assets :
More features are required for organising and managing campaigns, assets and brands.

Content Calendar :
Application lacks features for tracking and managing the contents published on social media and to preset or schedule the publishes.

Canvas Editor Enhancement :
The canvas editor is missing some common features like zoom-in, zoom-out, resizing, masking, etc.

Showcasing and distribution :
Application needs provisions for publishing & sharing to social media, store and broadcast the assets.

Ability to support multiple platforms (mobile app, iPad, Windows):
Application must be introduced in Android, iPad and Windows to increase user accessibility and to grab more and more users which will help in promoting the brand value

App redesigning for enhanced/better user experience:
Application lacks some visually appealing and attractive features. Redesigning will help in improving the user experience and make the application more appealing to users

Provisions in the application are required to integrate with other applications and tools for pulling assets from a cloud-storage, publishing to social media accounts or sharing the design via a chat app.


Campaign & Asset Management
We will bring in new features like assigning roles, managing teams, checklists and templates for managing campaigns, brand-kit and assets.

Content Calendar:
Introducing a feature to draft posts and plan the social media feeds. Designing, drafting and scheduling of social media posts can be done in just a few clicks natively.

Canvas Editor Enhancement:
Canvas can be improvised by bringing in features like Auto resize, zoom-in and zoom-out mode, Presentation view, using keyboard shortcuts, etc. can be more engaging to the users.

Showcasing and distribution:
Sharing and publishing the assets to social media can be made easy and can be broadcasted through normal and scheduled emails.

AI powered Content Creation:
With the intervention of AI, the application can help beginners to auto generate posters, banners, flyers, etc. This will guide users to improve their designs.

Re-examining User Experience:
Enhancement of usability and redesigning the look and feel of the application by researching buyers’ personas and their feedback .

Integration with tools like Dropbox, Mailchamp, Google Drive, Slack, PhotoMosh, Instagram, etc. will be brought in to support diverse accessibility.

Multiple Platforms:
Application should be introduced in multiple devices/platforms like iPhone, Android, iPad and Windows based on the potential market of the devices

Customer Segments:

Individual Content Creator
Social media story and post
Design printable products

For work
(offices, small business, corporate team, Enterprise user)
Create business posters
Introduce buyer personas
Increase brand awareness
Drive traffic and leads
Professional reports

Professional in the design industry
Production agencies

For Marketing industries
Social Media Graphics

Social media content creators
Social media thumbnail
Social Ads

Paid Account needed for Picmaker


Picmaker Business



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