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Light from my body

Love hiking
Polly Rose

The light is like a web of love that many people are spinning over the planet. It is one of a kind and not talked about. It’s the Elohim of transparency. The connections of greatness. The stillness of thought, the vapors of all connectivity. The light will show everyone the way. It will wake up some from a very think veil and it will inspire most to be the change that we all seek. Mostly it is the love for the Erath to be shielded from negativity and erosion from hatred and fear.

You are a seeker of love, this is the way you can be apart of that web. That is why it feels good, it is the same strings of love and light that is in all things. You just get to be completely viscerally connected.

Client Services
2015 - 2021
Skagit valley college

Client Services

What I'm reading
the running tree

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