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My lovely body

Health and Love
My lovely body
The roots of your tree are very dry. They need substance and nutrition. Once they receive these things your body will just revert to normal.
How do you find substance in your life as Astrea?
Going places, getting far from your home, feeling different things, doing more art, letting go of things that are negative, searching for new activities, new friends.
You are so close. It’s within grasp. Change just a little and your body will follow suit. Even being outside more. It’s all so close. Please don't be fearful. The light is surrounding you at all times, the beings of health fulfill you.
Why did this happen?
Change is necessary for all things and because you are a super star you need it more then a normal person. Just go with it and love it.
Your dna has always been of light, it will continue to be that.

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