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SteadyCloud Project Status

I'll create the document so we can save the details and work out any concerns we have later. To get a handle on the problem you'd like to solve, I went ahead and wrote down the key points from our discovery of your product and website. Feel free to let me know if you want to add anything that I missed!

To begin your project, please take a look at this document, the pricing proposal page. If you agree with the terms and conditions, I will send you the contract for you to sign via email. I am excited to work with you and look forward to getting started!

Project Info



Problem statement
Steadycloud needs help creating a marketing website that can be easily integrated into its SAAS products while keeping its audience engaged. As a WebFlow designer and developer, my responsibility is to ensure that the website is visually attractive, functions correctly, and efficiently conveys Steadycloud’s offerings to its target market.
Target Audience:
Stead Cloud's target audience comprises:
Small to medium-sized businesses
Startup companies in need of IT solutions
Businesses looking to simplify onboarding processes
Companies seeking to ensure the security of company assets
Organizations lacking resources for dedicated IT employees
The primary focus is on businesses at a level where they may need to establish protocols for device management, security, and access to multiple software tools. Stead Cloud aims to fill this gap by offering tailored solutions to meet these needs.
Customer Journey

Small to medium-sized businesses and startups become aware of Stead Cloud's services.
Focus on businesses looking to simplify onboarding processes and ensure the security of company assets.
Companies explore Stead Cloud's solutions for managing Apple devices through their partnership with Jamf.
I want you to please emphasize addressing the common challenges faced by businesses at this level, such as the lack of device security protocols.
Stead Cloud's second solution involves Single Sign-on (SSO) and a Universal Directory using Okta.
Could you highlight the benefits of having a centralized dashboard for easy and secure access to multiple software tools, especially for businesses managing numerous SaaS accounts?
Stead Cloud positions itself as a comprehensive solution provider by offering support for customers who opt for the complete package, combining both the Jamf and Okta solutions.
Emphasize the value proposition for businesses without dedicated IT resources, showcasing the ease and security offered by Stead Cloud's integrated services.
Project goal
Steadycloud has set an ambitious goal to create a modern and attractive marketing website by the second or third week of February. This website will be a sales tool to promote the company's products and services.
To achieve this goal, we have decided to use WebFlow, which offers the potential to integrate the website with their SAAS product. Additionally, we plan to use Memberstack for authentication and billing purposes.
To further enhance our customer relationship management, we are considering integrating CRM software such as HubSpot, which our team can use for lead generation and support ticket management.
Design Process
For this project, I intend to utilize the existing information and content on your website and implement additional UX strategies while improving the content. The initial step involves reviewing the site map and producing a lo-fi wireframe. To enhance the website's aesthetics and expedite development, I will also create a high-fidelity version using WebFlow.
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Design Image Inspiration

Here is the Figma link for us to discuss the wireframe.
Discovery and Planning
Initial client meetings and project scope definition.
Wireframing, prototyping, custom design work, revisions.
Webflow Development
Building the website using Webflow, CMS integration, interactions.
Content Population
Improve web content base current website
Responsive Design
Ensuring the website is responsive and tested on various devices.
Launch and Deployment
Assistance with domain setup and website deployment.
Post-Launch Support
Specified period of support for issues or questions.
After the hand-off, we could discuss the additional service that could help you scale. Topics include maintenance services, the next phase of the project, and tool integration.
Website pop-ups and announcement banner updates
Blog management (i.e content categorization, page redesign, etc.)
CRM Hubspot Integration
Membership stack
E-commerce integration
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