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Splashup media

Video 1 & 2(a and b)

You are all legends for this awesome work you have done so far. Incredibly thankful and appreciative for all that you are doing. I know there is a lot of work and thoughts process and planning that goes into it. I hope my feedback gives more clarity and helps you with the next steps.
Two side thoughts unrelated to the below
Will we make a video that shows how Splashup helps increase buyer confidence? e.g. we think you will like this cream BECAUSE the brand has won awards, it’s great for. those in their 20s, good for dry skin, featured as X. I remember we had talked about that briefly.
Will we make a retailer centric video?

Video 1:
Simple storytelling
It’s relatable, it’s simple. creative. It’s fun!
Embodies the brand and vibe of it
Suiting the brand
I think it will come together really really nicely with the overlays and further minor edits. thank you guys :)

Light: The purple light is creative I really like it! Keen to see if we could experiment with some more light or more purple to brighten up the screen?
Bedroom: good choice of location
Actress: On point! She really embodied the character needed for the video. Please thank her for me.
Music: appropriate/good music choice. Very ad-like and allows viewer to stick to video → Room for improvement: Perhaps we could experiment with more Upbeat/fun music? Didn’t think i’d ever say this but maybe we can draw inspiration from Tiktok?
I love the idea of the screen I think it’s super creative! Screen size: Perhaps we can try moving it more forward and making it a big bigger?
Can it show a retailer website and then Splashup can be used on top, during that experience to help her find what she is looking for? I also understand you will update the design of it.
Second: 22: I really like 22s and how she interacts with the screen
Second 9: Too much reflection losing the theme of the video. I think this shot is a bit out of place

Story and overall video:
The good:
On high level: I understand the context setting/industry/pain of the protagonist:
(a) I can easily understand and follow that there is a need for the protagonist to ‘Find her perfect outfit’.
(b) Then she is presented with a positively surprising solution called Splashup that saves her confusion and helps her find her perfect outfit.
The video is definitely through the consumer lens rather than retailer
The risks:
Risk of losing context and core message
Where does Splashup fit in her journey?
e.g. I need to find a new item for me? or I need to figure out what to wear? I need it now vs I need on a future date?
Showing that she is choosing from outfits she ALREADY has and were shown in her bedroom prior to deciding what to wear: → Dilutes the fact that Splashup allows her to DISCOVER products.
Location:Bedroom vs fitting room: Bedroom and not in a retailer fitting room → Loss of perspective
The screen appearance may be seen out of context during her journey. In what context can Splashup help?
Is Splashup an outfit assorter? Is Splashup only consumer facing? Is Splashup a consumer app? Where and when does Splashup show up?
Can we remove the outro altogether?
Or keep the Splashup logo only?
Really looking forward to how it comes together :)

Video 2
Part 1:
Simple, to the point, clear.
Snippets can be powerfully used in the future with overlays.
Light: Good light. Clearer than first video and a good contrast. I like that both bring in a different light (pun intended)
Actress: Actress did a great job here too. Please thank her for me!
Make up: I noticed the make up can use some colouring in the editing? There is a noticeable foundation shade that can be smoothed out?
Good location to film it in.

Core message:
I understand the core of the video’s pain: Consumer wants to buy an item but she just can’t seem to enjoy the experience of finding it.
I like how it explicitly shows her browsing and scrolling the screen. It makes the experience really relatable and I understand the context and how it could fit with Splashup. I think with overlays, this could really work well!
Music can be better. The music is a bit melancholic and I think we can bring out a more neutral or music with higher frequency? (if that’s a thing that can be said).
I like how there is time spent explicitly showing the fatigue, exhaustion, confusion. It captures the essence of what it is we are trying to solve.
→ That said, there are too many cuts mimicking this confusion and it ends up taking up so much time and loses the plot and interest of the viewer.
I don’t understand the boxes at the beginning and their context. It takes me time and a few watches to understand that there are contrasting scenes in the video
Unboxing: I like how she unboxes the gold dress and she is disappointed.

Theme: Expectation vs reality:
Expectation vs reality: I remember you had told me you were looking at contrasting the first part of what we hope to have vs the actual experience of shopping: I fail to
Second 14: I see what it is trying to do but I am confused with what it is trying to say or how it fits?
My mind works: problem → solution and I think the video shows expectation → problem? Unless I am missing something
The video only shows the problem side and leaves the viewer wondering what happens next? If video 2 is the second video to continue the story then it also doesn’t reach a solution and only highlights the problem.

Video 2
Part 2
I love the dichotomy idea and I know it must’ve been hard to bring it to life! especially in a short timeframe!
I love what this video is trying to do and if anything it really can cristalise what Splashup is with some editing. I think it’s a pretty quirky, funny video and I love the dramatic acting. Tom really went all in here haha.
Core message:
At the moment the core message is lost here due to the sequencing of events, inability to know if person is browsing, the fast pace of the video and the rotation of the items.
Sequencing: I feel confused with the sequencing of actions: because the scenes are happening simultaneously, I fail to link them together as a single scenario or to categorise each act together. Perhaps we can show the girls’ activity followed by the retail assistant trying to get her engaged?
Inability to know if person is browsing: I am unsure if the girl is browsing online in store → perhaps a phone screen next to her can help that?
Location loss: I can’t tell that one is a shopper and one is a retail assistant. Perhaps overlays can help fix that in the intro with a heading saying ‘retail assistant’ or similar?
The rotation of items: e.g. Shirt to lipstick instead of lipstick 1 to Lipstick 2 makes me wonder if the overlays will truly be able to highlight the essence of what Splashup is. What I mean is here: saying Splashup can help you find a shirt is different to saying Splashup can help you find the sustainable Viscose light grey shirt with a pocket and under $100 in stock sort of shirt. That said, considering it’s an ad it could be OK to leave it as it as is and use the overlays insead!

Side thoughts:
Impression that characters are a bride and groom due to clothes
Impression that characters is a couple fighting

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