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Hi there, thank you so much for your interest in me! I’m a 16 year old singer and voice coach ready to put you on the path to achieving your vocal dreams! Look below for more:
🤷🏻‍♀️ About Me
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🤷🏻‍♀️ About Me:

I’m a singer who loves to learn about all things voice! I love to sing all the time, whether it be at school, at church, at other events or at home! On the other hand, I do a lot of voice research and I love seeing the medical side of the voice. It’s so interesting to see what our voices can do and my mission is to help every willing person I meet to become a better singer or speaker, whether that be a client or a friend. Or both! See my resources and CV down below to learn more about who I am and what I do:

💚 Fiverr Page:

As well as private lessons (link at the bottom of this page), I offer Fiverr packages. It’s pretty simple: just send me a recording of your voice within the time limits I have offers for and I will send you a detailed analysis of the highlights of your recording and how you can accentuate those more, as well as what you need to improve upon and how to do so. Check out some of the reviews my satisfied clients have left me:
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to access my exclusive, on Fiverr:

📄 Resume:

v o i c e :

- Classical voice lessons since 4 years old with a local teacher
- Sang in two local choirs - one school choir and one church choir
- Sings with Ex Cathedra’s Junior Academy of Vocal Music - an elite choir in the UK!
- Sings regularly with other seasoned artists and instrumentalists
- Active experience as a worship leader - singing, setting up, stage presence based on setting (helps you engage the audience and blend in no matter where you are singing just like a chameleon - I teach this as well!), mic technique, live and studio mixing, sight reading, producing harmonies on the spot, improvisation, playing with other musicians live and for recordings, live streaming experience etc
- Singer hired for weddings and other events
- Go-to singer in two bands at school - an indie band and a large jazz band
- Took lessons from Toronto Singing Academy for CCM/Pop vocal technique, microphone technique and commercial vocal technology
- Learned from Paula Griffith/PG Productions (Cherry Beach Recording Studios) for stage presence, onstage performance and advanced vocal technique
- Learned from Deborah Staiman: renowned MT, Classical and Commercial voice teacher
- Had an informative 1-on-1 3hr masterclass with Lina Vasilkova on Belcanto Classical technique
- Auditioned successfully for Italian singer and voice coach Danila Satragno (known for coaching Maneskin's Damiano David)
- Currently taking weekly lessons with celebrity voice teacher and vocal coach Lisa Popeil, MFA (founder of Voiceworks®️ Method)
- A wealth of on-stage experience behind my belt! (Including singing in concerts with choirs, solos, singing for graduates, singing in theatre/musicals, school events)
- ABRSM Grades 1-8 Classical singing - all distinction (I don't believe that grades equal talent, but this is something else that I have worked hard to achieve since I was small!)
- Completed many courses from world famous voice teachers and pedagogues across the world

m u s i c b u s i n e s s :

- Experienced in recording studios and booths
- Works as a freelance voice actress in spare time (profile:
- Owns home studio equipment, good with mixing, mastering and recording audio including vocals and other instruments
- Familiar with requirements from record labels and what they want to see in a potential artist
- Knows the ins and outs of unions, music distributors (home alternative to getting a record deal) royalties, marketing etc
- Can lead a band, choir and groups of musicians
- Grade 5 ABRSM music theory
- Excellent networker; communication is essential in the music business!

p e d a g o g y / t e a c h i n g :

- I've been teaching fellow pupils how to sing around the back of my school during breaks and lunchtimes for about 6 years - my main music teacher eventually caught on and gave me a private space to coach my students - just not when the school voice teacher is in!
- I can teach the following vocal styles with fluency:
MT (musical theatre) belt
Choral singing
Classical (and associated substyles):
Operetta (light opera)
Legit (think Julie Andrews MT)
Note: I can teach other styles on request.

c u r r i c u l u m:
- beginner and advanced singing technique, including little-known hacks to improve your
singing voice, backed by voice science and anatomy
- pitch improvement
- range extension (including help with high notes)
- timbre refinement
- performance coaching, including stage presence & onstage movement
- beauty in speech
- coaching for voice actors and voice-over artists (think anywhere from
audiobooks to advertisements to video games)
- media training and voice for broadcasting
- charisma on camera
- charisma on stage
- endurance for singers with high-energy songs
- vocal health and hygiene, voice preservation
- projecting your voice
- ear training
- songwriting
- piano in the following styles: pop, classical, jazz
- demo production
- demo recording
- anxiety reduction (especially important for stage fright and limiting beliefs
towards freedom in singing)
- singing in harmony/creating harmonies on the spot
- improvisation, scat singing

I network with high-level teachers and vocal pedagogues across the voice field.
I am active in the voice research community - I attend virtual conferences frequently (planning to go to my first in-person conference next September!) and am privileged to be able to talk with some of the greatest names in voice science!
I am the protege of celebrity vocal coach Lisa Popeil and I will be following in her footsteps once she makes the decision to retire, so I want to share the knowledge I have with anybody I can!
I am open to everything I can get my hands on that will improve my understanding of the human voice - meeting new people, sharing what I know and learning what they know is what I'm all about!
I have a Fiverr page where I offer feedback based on recordings my clients send me:

Thanks for reading! :D

Instagram: @iamnaomimurphy
Discord: @smurfs8857
I also do private lessons! Click below to book with me for a paid 30 minute lesson ($30 USD):
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* I am also considering hosting paid masterclasses and group lessons in future. Watch this space to find out more!
Voice acting profile/booking page:

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