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ReelTok Guidelines
ReelTok Guidelines

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Step 1: Brainstorming & Outlines

Step 1: Brainstorming & Content Outlines

Follow these steps for the Brainstorming & Outline phase:
Brainstorm 5-6 ideas of ReelToks you’re excited about
Reply all to the Weekly ReelTok Squad email thread sending in your content pitches.
Include a quick synopsis of what it is / link to an example ReelTok
Be sure to cc
Nadir will approve your ideas / provide suggestions.
Upon approval from one of the corresponding Pangea team members, you can start creating your content! 🥳

Creating A Content Outline
Make an outline before you start creating / recording
It’s always a good idea to start with sounds & trends that are popular. Relating these trends to or another pillar is a perfect way to gain traction.
We’ll typically send a blog to work from
~or an example of a trending theme that is popular~
Here’s past examples of our content:

Sample Content Email Reply
Hi Nadir,
Here are my ideas for this week’s content:
“I work at the bank” - I will use a trending sound and lipsync to it. I will alter the text to say “Ugh I hate people who show off their jobs.” -> “I got HIRED on! LOTS OF JOBS STILL HIRING 💰”

POV: You got the job but find out it’s an unpaid internship - The song will be Leave The Door Open by Bruno Mars. I’ll be on the phone smiling. Then get sad / annoyed when the song goes “Oh you got plans, don’t say that.”
4 Tips for Planning SM -
6 Tips for Getting That Job -
Let me know your thoughts on these!
Sarah Parr


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