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How do I pick a pot?

There are a ton of options for pots, but figuring out what’s the best for you really depends on a few things:

How big will the plant be?

If you’re aiming to grow the plant into its final form, imagine how big a plant that would be. For tomatoes and kale, they can potentially grow as tall as you, however they’re also able to adapt according to the pot they’re in.
For all edibles, I’d recommend a 5 gallon pot at least (that’s a depth of about 15cm), which gives good depth for the roots to grow down into. It’ll also have enough soil capacity to potentially hold a lot more water, which prevents the soil from drying out too quickly. Believe me, you won’t want to have to water your plants daily.
For big plants like the kale & tomato I mentioned, the bigger the pot, the bigger the potential for the plant to grow. However if you can only manage a smaller pot (perhaps about 3 gallon, or about 10cm deep), then you’re going to have a smaller plant, and have to top up with water more often as the soil will likely dry out quicker.
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