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Public Neurodiversity Support Center

Don't worry, we're here to help!
Hi there, and welcome to the Public Neurodiversity Support Center. To help you best navigate this site, choose the role that represents you — or continue on to the site directly and navigate it yourself.
I Am Neurodivergent
Click this button to be taken to a page that outlines the support aspects of this site.
This means essays covering things from advice to stories you’ll relate to, a slew of resources and a way into a larger community on social media.
Many struggle with the challenges of neurodiversity alone an misunderstood — we’re here for you.

I Am Questioning
Take this path if you’re not sure but you think you may be neurodivergent yourself — or maybe you just want to learn more about neurodiversity.
You’ll find essays by neurodivergent people sharing their experiences, and checklists of traits meant to help you identify your own flavor of neurodivergence if that’s helpful to you.

I Want To Be An Ally
If you’re pretty sure you’re neurotypical or you’re just not interested at this moment in exploring your own identity, take this path to learn how to be a better ally.
This is the intended flow for parents, caregivers, doctors and educators. Click through to learn more about neurodiversity from the perspective of neurodivergent people.
Whoever you are and whatever your journey we’d recommend visiting the Essays section to catch some of our best content.
You’re also free to skip to the , which is an unguided general introduction to the content and intentions of this site. You may also visit our . You can skip right to the or you can visit the , it’s up to you!
Who Are We?
Myk Bilokonsky ( on twitter for those who observe) is the creator, maintainer, primary author and editor-in-chief of this site. He’s Autistic and ADHD with a side of CPTSD and a dash of OCD, and he’s worked hard to unlearn internalized ableism around the limitations imposed by these conditions. His goal is nothing less ambitious than the creation of the single best resource on the internet by and for neurodivergent people.
soon to be announced is our editor. She comes from a distinguished background in literature and law and helps to make sure we publish the best content we possibly can. More information to follow once the announcement is made.
Finally, a large and diverse cast of talented neurodivergent writers who have contributed content. This site pays for essays, 50-200 USD per essay based on need, because we believe that there is value in neurodivergent people telling their stories and that that value needs to be acknowledged somewhere.

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