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I Think I Might Be Neurodivergent!
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Neurodiversity in its current form is an emergent field of study. For most of recent history ND conditions were pathologized and treated as illnesses, and many medical professionals whose training in autism and adhd predates the past decade simply do not understand the nuances of the space.

It’s not uncommon for autistic people to be told, by medical professionals, that they can’t be autistic because “they are making eye contact” or “they get sarcasm”, which fundamentally misunderstands the nature of autism and leaves those people without the support they need.

So with that in mind it’s always helpful to record and share the identities of medical practitioners who ARE up to date and care about getting this stuff right.

New York City
For anyone in the greater NYC area I was formally diagnosed by one Doctor Melissa Corpus who works out of Midtown New York. She was respectful of the neurodiversity movement, understood that I was self-dx’d coming in for a second opinion and spoke to me at length about the results of the neuropsychological tests I took. She confirmed my Autism and also diagnosed me with ADHD, which I’d not realized I was also dealing with.

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