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I Think I Might Be Neurodivergent!
I Think I Might Be Neurodivergent!

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Neurodiversity in General
The is where the latest versions of these documents and more public research into Neurodiversity can be found. This is maintained independently by
@Myk Bilokonsky

Here’s a video I did for talking about Things Every Software Engineer Should Know About Neurodiversity:

There’s sort of an ADHD renaissance happening as a result of the pandemic. A lot of people are cooped up at home for an extended period and discovering that they’re not loving it. My advice here is to follow a few social media accounts to learn more about the ADHD experience:

is a Black Woman who tweets about life with ADHD and offers resources for sale.
draws wonderful comics that capture aspects of the ADHD experience.
@Catieosaurus on tiktok gives wonderful life advice and tips.

is an online publication run for and by autistic people. It’s a news aggregator, activist organizer and safe space created by Tera, a sort of protective autistic elder who wants autistic people to live their best lives.

was created by yours truly as a space for people exploring their own possible autism. I realized that a lot of the writing about autism was opaque and hard to relate to, so my goal was to “translate” the autistic experience into more relatable terms. Here’s my specific post, but this community has grown into one of the more wholesome places on reddit filled with like 13k kind and earnest autistic people trying to support each other. It’s great and I love it with all my heart.

I maintain a twitter thread of that are probably a better diagnostic criteria than the DSM along some axes. Click through, there are gifs!

I used to struggle with really bad “Pure O” OCD, which is hard to diagnose and not part of the commonly known stereotype. Discovering the was life-changing for me and gave me the tools I needed to stop fighting some intrusive thoughts and learn to dissipate them.

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