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Finance Classes
Every financial advice that people give always ends up with “I am not a financial advisor, do your own research”. But how do you write your own poem when you don’t even know the alphabets? This page lists the resources that I consumed in order to get to the point where I can now with relatively high confidence do my own research and then invest in to Stock Markets or decide even if Stock Market is a good investment or if Real Estate is etc.

Here are a few facts that boggled my mind

Putting your money in bank account over a long period of time(10-20 years) is actually going to diminish it’s value 😲
Did you know there are additional investment types other than Real Estate or Stock Markets

Disclaimer: Most of it is going to be boring and very time consuming. But eventually, gives enough confidence about this subject. There are no shortcuts.
Following is the order in which I learnt and it is the only order I can recommend, YMMV


Changing your mindset

Despite the corny “20 years as the #1 personal finance book of all time”, this is definitely a great starter book. Changes a lot of your perspective on how you think about money.

Video series

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