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Vacation: Sailing Trip

I love to travel and my group of friends are spread out all over the world so having a doc like this has been super helpful for all the decision making.
This is meant to be a one-stop place for everyone. Where they can see where we are going, days, where we are staying, who is arriving when, what we need to shop, who do we need to pay, etc.

I thought maybe this could be useful to some folks. This is the sailing version and planning on coming up with eh camping and skiing docs soon. Logistics change a bit but the core of the doc is the same. I try to keep the same layout (The Trip, Logistics and Planning) as it makes it easy for everyone to feel familiar with it.

Feel free to make a copy of this doc (Copy button on the top right corner of this page) or reach out if you have any questions or need help building your own. Lets all hope we can travel soon!

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