A free tool to track your employees' vaccination status for return to work [+Template]

A simple employee vaccine tracking tool for employers and companies

Incorporate employee vaccine tracking into your return-to-work plans with this free employee vaccine tracking tool
Disclaimer: This template should not be taken as legal advice and is for informational purposes only.

As your company starts thinking about return-to-office plans, the big question for employers, office managers, and admins is tracking employee vaccination status. Your ultimate goal is to protect your employees. This starts with understanding who is vaccinated so you can get a clear picture of your entire team and company's vaccination status. This employee vaccine tracking tool helps administrators easily receive an image of employees' vaccination cards, review submissions, and create a consolidated view of employees who have been vaccinated. Vaccination reporting requirements differ by state, so please consult with your company's attorney to find the right policy for your company.

What is employee vaccine tracking and can employers ask for proof of vaccination?

Companies ultimately have the final decision for whether they require their employees to be vaccinated. Employee vaccine tracking is a way of documenting which employees are fully vaccinated (had their 2nd dose more than two weeks ago). At the most basic level, you should create a chart or table with the employee's name, email address, job title, date of last vaccination, and image of their vaccination card. It is convenient to use online systems (like this template) for tracking employee vaccine status, but you should also make sure the solution abides by data privacy laws.

Can employers ask for proof of vaccination? Again, this is up to the company's policy. Irregardless of the policy being mandatory or voluntary, employers are allowed to implement
vaccine tracking
within the organization (
). Individual state governments will decide whether companies will need to institute mandatory vaccination policies. Eventually it may be a compliance or regulation that employers need to mandate vaccination. State governments will most likely get guidance from relevant employment and health organizations like the CDC, EEOC and OSHA.

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How to use this employee vaccine tracking template?

The goal of this template is to help your organization
, and
on the status of your employees' vaccination status. The features in this template will hopefully take some of the administrative burden from tracking employee vaccination as you develop your return-to-work policy.

Step 1: Add list of employees and emails

page, you should add your entire list of employees (along with their email addresses). The reason why the e-mail address is important is because your employees will submit their vaccination status through a form (on the
page). That form asks for the employee's email address. If there's a match between the email address you input on
and what the employee submits, you'll see the
Proof Submitted?
column turn green and it will say "Submitted."

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 12.43.38 PM.png

Step 2: Set up form for employees to fill out

page, you can design the actual form that gets sent out to employees to fill out. You will have to create your own unique form (with unique published link) so that when employees fill out the form it gets sent to this Coda doc. You can design the form with the questions you want to ask and embed the form in this template so you can always see what the form looks like. When you publish your final form, you will get a custom link you can send out to employees to track their vaccination status. The form allows employees to submit photos of their CDC vaccination card so you can verify their vaccine status.


Step 3: Track vaccination submission status

page, you'll see various stats like the total submission count, submissions that you need to review, and more. For HR leaders, this is where you can validate the names shown on the CDC card with what is being submitted by employees to verify employees have been vaccinated. Once you've validated the uploaded image of an employee's CDC card (and have determined they are vaccinated), you can check the "Valid Card" checkbox. The last table on this page will show you the status of each employee's vaccination status so that you can follow up with employees who still need to submit their status.


Why an employee vaccine tracking template is important

This template allows you to track employee submissions and see how many people haven't submitted their proof of vaccinations yet. The uploaded image of each employee's CDC card allows you to verify the proof of vaccination. If you need to follow up on a specific employee, you can search for them on

Additional features to add to this template

You can add features to this template that would make it easier for you or your HR leader to track employee vaccinations. For instance, you can set up this template with the
to automatically send reminders to employees and guests to submit their vaccination form.

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