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Offboard Employees To-Do

I’m a fan of checklists for repetitive actions. One of those is the offboarding of employees.
I will always prefer a detailed list over a short list. It gives me a peace of mind knowing that everything has been completed.

I created a list of actions in the
page. I assigned them a time for when they should be completed (prior to departure, on the day off, at EOD). That’s my master list.

Go to
page and there, you add the name of the employee departing and last day at the work. Click on Add Actions.

All those actions will show up for that specific employee in the
. With the push of buttons, you’ll mark them Completed or N/A.
There is an important one at the bottom of the page, flashing. That’s my seal of completion. That will ensure that all the previous tasks have been completed.

And finally, if you ever need to look back and check who collected the laptop of X employee, you can check
for all records.

I hope you find this helpful!

To copy this doc, just hit the Copy Button at the top and you can start creating your own. You can also upgrade it and include multiple offices, assignees, notifications, automations, Packs, etc.


PS: Another use for this:
I have used the same template but instead of actions, I added essential travel items (the items you take with you in every trip) and made it my Packing List. Every time I travel, I add a new trip (instead of employee name) and all the items get added to my Packing List / To-Do. As I’m packing or before I leave my place, I make sure I have them and mark them Completed and believe me, I have not forgotten any essential items (insert passport here!) in a long time. That’s a big win for me.
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