Labor Law Posters Center

This is another codadoc I have created as a part of my HR Ops collection, which I use on a daily basis.

As more employees joined our company remotely, I wanted to have a one-stop doc that would contain the most updated labor law posters for our employees and their locations as we are required to provide them every time a new location is created or an updated posted is published.

The Setup

It’s pretty simple. There are only two tables in this doc:

This is where
make the changes
I upload the newest doc to the state in the “Labor Law Poster” column
I check the box of “Do we have employees here?” if that’s the case
There is an “Updated On” column. I use that to know when was the last time I uploaded that document. It will be updated automatically
that page to keep the doc clean. (I didn’t do that here so you can see how it looks like)

This is what everyone sees
This table is filtered to show only the states that have “Do we have employees here?” checked

Do you want to use a version of this?

If you find this codadoc helpful and would like to use it,
make a copy
and update it with your own labor law poster.
To update the posters, you just need delete the current file from the cell and upload your own file by clicking on the +. If you want to learn how to setup a column format for file uploading in other docs,
You can also delete this Hello page: hover over the Hello page on the left Page menu, click the ... icon, and choose


I have included random Labor Law Posters for the purpose of publishing this codadoc and they might not the most updated version.

If you have any questions, would like to see more HR Ops docs or have more ideas for docs, feel free to reach out at

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