EA Toolkit

EA Toolkit

When they say EAs wear 7 hats, I go: you mean “infinite” hats?! :)

We are the go-to person. Constantly doing so much for so many ppl. My calendar can show empty one day, however, I barely had time to breathe that day.
My VIP is my CEO. I’m constantly trying to play a role in the planning of his day/week/month, for efficiency and also to make sure he had a break. After that, it comes my Pops team and Coda. There is always something I’m involved in. That’s where coda docs come into play.

My first codadoc ever was a basic meeting tracker. The goal? Giving Shishir access to my world so he was up to date with the status of all requests and could see that at any time. For myself, it was a way to be more organized, making sure no email was going unattended. I went from using my Inbox as my to-do list to having a structured and accurate tracking system. And not just tracking if a meeting was booked, I tracked when and who he met. Was is it for a specific project? How bad is his inbox load and do I need to block time for him to catch up? Did he forget to cc me in a request? and so on.

From that, I began building docs that I wished they existed when I worked in hospitality, in the financial world, for a 30k employee tech company and when we started Coda with just 6 of us. I use them for work and for personal things. There are no limits.

Here you’ll find just a group of coda docs that I hope will give you a glimpse of all the things you can do with Coda. Go to our
to find all kinds of examples that could apply to your world or to other teams or friends. There is no one single doc that is the same because you make them your own. Use them as inspiration but please, take them to the next level. If I can build them, you can as well. Just go one block at the time.

Of course, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, need help building or have ideas for more docs.


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