Update: I’m committed to Echoes as a technical artist!
Hello! I’m Rain Du, an enthusiastic game developer and a second-year MSCS student (general CS) taking AGP as an elective.
I’m looking for an AGP game to work on this semester, and hopefully continue as a volunteer next semester. I can wear many hats depending on the team’s need, but I prefer to work primarily as an artist or technical artist. If I join your team, I can guarantee at least 8 hours of work each week, and at least until the end of this semester.
Here are links to some of my past work:


, where I did all of 2D and most of 3D
where I did all of art (and everything else)
I was also a volunteer 2D artist for , one of last year’s MFA & AGP projects

3D and technical art

(my undergraduate capstone), where I defined the rendering pipeline and created all the art assets.
Low-poly environment models with custom hand-painted textures (Maya, Substance Painter)
Sculpted, rigged and animated the characters (Maya, ZBrush)
See the embedded video in the above link for more technical art problem solving examples
I made this blob character during GGJ2022:
again, where I made most of the 3D models and programmed the rendering pipeline in C++/OpenGL to render them in this toon + pixelated style.
I’m also a volunteer art generalist for MFA project Shepherds. So far I mostly helped process the environment models using Blender.
is a Blender addon I made to help the team speed up the modeling, UV and exporting workflow. Below are some models I worked on (original “clean” models by Xindi Zhang)


I’m mostly a programmer outside the AGP context. is my general portfolio site. I also know a bit about web frontend (React) and built this portfolio site from scratch - if that’s relevant.


Discord: miyehn
USC Email:
(let’s connect regardless!)

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