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Four Kitchens Project Roundup

Weekly Update Form

Use the Log update button to create a new update. In the demo all projects, but when used with real users this table will only show the projects for the currently logged in user. Health Monitor definitions are displayed here to remind everyone how they are defined.

List of Your Projects
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Big Client - Big Redesign
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Bigger Client - Landing Page
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Website Redesign
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Health Monitor Definitions
Engaged Client
There is one client lead who is accountable for the result of this project. This needs to be someone whose dedicated to it, and is empowered to remove blockers and bust though client company bottlenecks.
Red: Some team members thought it was Rebecca and others thought it was Steve. This is causing confusion for the project team - we need to clarify the project owner.
The team is making incremental progress by shipping concrete iterations to stakeholders (and even better to production), learning along the way, and implementing lessons learned along the way, resulting in greater success.
Yellow: We’re running hard and hitting our milestones, however we need to ensure our continual improvement actions get DONE. These need to be tracked as project tasks, not just “homework” activities.
Best Practices/ Following our process
Are the best practices for the project clearly defined, aligned with Four Kitchens best practices and is the team following them?
Green: We are following best practices and everything is amazing.
Backlog - Shared understanding
The team has a common understanding of why they’re here, the problem/need, the backlog is clear, confident they have what they need, and trust each other, and trust that client requests are being triaged effectively.
Red: We don’t agree on the customer problem this project is solving.
There are no rows in this table

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