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Four Kitchens Project Roundup

Project Roundup

Rounding up all the projects in one place
Agencies typically have oodles of projects, and need periodic update meetings to keep everything strait and everyone on the same page. Different roles like Project Managers, Account Reps and Producers bring important perspectives but status meetings are less than perfect ways to share that info. To make matters worse it's hard to get ahead of problems on a project if updates only include one perspective and don't give everyone a common language to highlight areas of improvement.

This tool evolved to solve these problems, providing a way to organize project status updates from key roles, and provide a way for everyone to communicate about key areas of projects that can be strong indicators of project problems in the future.

Note: In our internal tool we included budget updates but the way those were imported didn't translate to a more generic solution.

How we use this doc
Every week project managers, tech/design leads, and account managers use the
to file their reports on any projects they are involved with.

In the Weekly Roundup meeting we will focus the first half of the meeting on the
to quickly review all projects. Having updates from the different roles is a great catalyst for increasing communication, and helps represent the various viewpoints without the need for everyone to attend every week.

We then use the second half of the meeting to dive a little deeper and the
to discuss more fine grained aspects of the projects in more detail. The Health Monitor ratings are adapted from this
from Atlassian's excellent

We close out the meeting by updating our project score card KPI.

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