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Cross Doc - Reverse LookUps

How to: Cross Doc Reverse Lookup

Cross Doc is a great way to bring information in from another doc. The problem is that the information can’t sync back to the source doc!
Imagine you just finished Quarterly Planning and you have Objectives set for the company 🎉 Each respective team creates their own docs to plan out detailed projects related to a given Objective. They cross doc the OKRs into their Project Hub and use a lookup to assign OKRs to each project.
The problem is, now our CEO wants to see which projects are associated to the OKRs. We cross doc the Project Hub table into the OKRs doc, but Coda doesn’t let you do a reverse lookup. Darn!
Check out instructions in the page to walk through how we can make that connection almost as if it was a cross doc reverse lookup.
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