Onboarding for Coding Classes

You can complete these steps in your own time BEFORE your first class or join for an onboarding session and a Mindjoy coach to help you get set up!

Ensure you have your workspace set up for each lesson:
Mindjoy Setup.png
1. Sign up for a account (using the link) and join the Mindjoy Team. (Remember to keep your password in a safe place).
2. We’ve have a create a . Please complete and submit it BEFORE your class. *If you cannot connect to TeamMindjoy please email your username to gabi@mindjoy.com and we’ll help you get connected!
3. Practice using Zoom Share Screen:
Mindjoy Tech Checks (1).jpg
4. Practice finding the chat in Zoom:
Mindjoy Tech Checks.jpg
💥Boom! You’re now all set up!
See you in class.

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